Why You Should Love to Love

November 15, 2018

An abstact painting of white, red and black colors.
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We all have felt pure love because it is what we are. Love is the essence of who we are.

We are all love but we forget where we came from. It is part of the game of separation. We feel that we can’t love or we cannot be loved: “No-one loves me. I am not good looking. She/he is better than me, etc.”. Those feelings are only an illusion of the mind, tricks of the ego to make sure that we forget who we really are.

An abstact painting of white, red and black colors.

“Break My Heart” by Preston M. Smith

Because we don’t feel love, we become numb and we feel abandoned and unworthy. But love is within us. It is part of our DNA, in our every cell, it is locked within us. It is just a question of digging deep, cracking the shell that holds us this way, dismantling beliefs systems, cultural ideas, programs and agendas that maintain the illusion of what we think we are or we are not.

It is a question of moving the ego that put a shield of interference around us. It is similar to radio frequencies. We are part of the Source so we resonate with the same frequency but we are surrounded by ego-boundaries and most of us do not even get any wave of love.

We all have felt pure love consciously or unconsciously because it is who we are. We were all one at one point; duality did not exist.

Some of us have already experienced pure love on earth and when you are experiencing pure love, have you noticed that nothing else matters? Nothing else matters because you are in love and everything else that you perceive is good because you are emitting good vibes around you. It does not matter if your car breaks down, because you are in love,

It does not matter if your train is late because you are in love, It does not matter if you have no friends because you are in love.

Even if you possessed nothing, are penniless, you are happy because you are in love. Nothing matters because you live from your heart.

How many of you have experienced true, pure love, such strong love that you feel complete unity with someone, blissful love where duality does not exist anymore?

That feeling of oneness is what we want to recreate everywhere and in each cell. That is where we want to go back to, back in Unity to the Source.

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john tucker

“Why you should love …..”

Kinda reminds me of one of my favourite books from the sixties …

“The Job of Sex” ….



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