What Is Spiritual “Clearing”?

October 9, 2018

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Going to the market each day for fresh vegetables I cut through the park and always see a bunch of rough sleepers by the two benches. I make a point of saying “good morning lads” as, to most people, they feel invisible so I like to acknowledge them.

The leader is a man called Nij who is highly intelligent, but when he lost his job, then his home his wife left him and being homeless he fell into sleeping rough outdoors. So on the way back from the shops I sometimes pass over some crispy rolls to the hands that reach out desperately from these lads, and I noticed that Nij’s eyes looked different, hollow and he looked vacantly through me to some far away place, while the other lads eyes gleamed happily at some food to share.

I knew then that Nij needed specialist spiritual help.

I later saw him on his own and told him a bit about his past and that I knew all about him. I said that he heard voices telling him to do bad things, and asked if he was tempted to self harm. I asked him to tell me about his deep depressive spells and about him never being able to think straight, because of the voices. His eyes filled with tears as he listened hard and nodded in agreement. He said that it’s all been a long torment.

Abstact Painting with Bright Red and Yellow Colors

“Burning” by Laura Casini

So making the sign of the cross over him and reciting part of the 23rd psalm, I put my hand into his aura and pulled out something very unpleasant before telling this creature from the symphile category, a dead human being with anger issues who made Nij crave alcohol so he could bask in its essences by proxy, that by the power of Jesus Christ it must leave him now and not return, it must go to a place of rest and punishment before returning to the source of everlasting love and wisdom, then sealing his aura and saying a short closing prayer, said goodbye and walked away.

Three days later I saw a very different and very grateful Nij, who wanted a chance to say “thank you” and asked if he could come to my home with a small present.

The word “exorcism” is rarely used today. Clearance is the new buzz word but it all amounts to the same thing: clearing old spiritual residues, emotional baggage and outworn memory patterns. Just five minutes on a park bench may have saved a life.

Nij came round with a bag of apples. I now have a very good gardener one day a week.

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