What Is Biofield Tuning?

June 5, 2018

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I first came across Biofield Tuning when I was in the UK doing some training in sound healing. I was only just starting to learn about tuning forks and the different ways in which they could be applied as powerful healing tools. Someone at the course mentioned that if I was particularly interested in tuning forks that I should find out more about Eileen McKusick and her Biofield Tuning method, where tuning forks are used to tune out-of-tune bodies. Just as instruments get out of tune, so do our bodies. This happens as a result of accidents, injuries, stress and trauma, which all affect our bodies’ electrical systems.

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I soon made inquiries and read Eileen’s book, Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy, based on her many years of research into Biofield anatomy, and much to my surprise there were training courses in this technique scheduled in Melbourne, where I lived. Not only that, but Eileen was booked to come to Melbourne to teach the accreditation level of this training. I was really excited as I knew I would be learning directly from the source and so signed up straightaway. I am now practicing this technique and have witnessed some great outcomes for clients.

Eileen is a pioneer researcher and practitioner in this area and has developed and refined this simple, non-invasive and efficient healing method. Biofield Tuning uses sound waves produced by tuning forks in the biomagnetic field, or biofield, that surrounds the human body. The tuning forks are used to locate and hear disturbances in the energy field which correlate with the emotional and physical traumas that we have experience throughout our lives. This is done using the Biofield Anatomy Map. Combing the forks through these areas in the Biofield corrects distorted sounds by releasing this “stuck energy” and normalizing imbalances. This can give relief from pain, anxiety, PTSD, low energy, insomnia, migraines, depression, fibromyalgia, digestive orders and many other issues—even procrastination. Fixed beliefs that were formed when we were very young and hold us back in life can be deeply rooted in the Biofield. These can be identified, moved or transformed and this can be very liberating.

Two unweighted tuning forks, 174Hz and 528Hz are the two forks that are used in the Biofield. These identify distortions in a number of ways. The Biofield Tuning practitioner stands a few feet out from the body and starts to strike the fork and move it through the Biofield towards the body. The forks then react in different ways: the sound dying out, sounding intense or in a high shrieking way, vibrating in an aggravated way, feeling heaving or moving through the Biofield with more difficulty when coming up against energy that is stuck. What is quite fascinating is that wherever the fork being used reacts in one of these ways, it will correlate with a particular age that some kind of trauma was experienced. Once the tuning fork is in a spot like this, the practitioner just stays there and continues striking the fork. This gives the body the opportunity to become aware of its own noise and to calibrate itself.

In my own practice I will often experience a pain in my body or I might suddenly have a particular thought, emotion or even receive a visual image in my mind that will tell me something about what my client’s experience might be. This is also guided by a set of constructs that Eileen has identified as existing in particular areas within the Biofield.

I had a total of 9 sessions with Sally. I would like to share just one of so many experiences that arose during those 9 sessions, and the subsequent impact and effect the Biofield Tuning had on me. I was diagnosed with a chronic lung condition, bronchiectasis, 11 years ago. Because I constantly live with what are described as “sub-clinical” infections, my body is constantly working overtime to keep my immune system functioning at a high level. The constant demands on my body to fight infection requires extra energy and I often feel fatigued. Another related symptom I have lived with over the past 11 years is a stitch-like pain, which runs laterally under my right breast.

Before I commenced the Biofield Tuning therapy with Sally, as part of the health history, I had mentioned my chronic condition. I had not, however, told her about the pain. In one of the very early sessions, Sally asked me if I was experiencing pain under my right breast. I was so shocked that she had been able to pinpoint with such accuracy this symptom. (Sally told me afterwards that she had literally experienced this pain in exactly the precise location that it was in my body). I can tell you that the pain has now gone and my energy levels have improved considerably.
(Liz Pascoe)

Two other tuning forks are also used in Biofield Tuning. These are weighted forks which can be used on the body, either separately or together, and at times with a crystal, which intensifies the vibration. The two forks vibrate at 62.64Hz and 54.81Hz. When used together these forks create a binaural beat of 7.83Hz. This is known as the Schumann Resonance and is the natural frequency of the electromagnetic field surrounding the Earth. These frequencies seem to support the coherence of the electrical system of the body. A Sonic Meridian Flush is a one hour energetic tuning process in which the forks are firstly applied to points on the face and then the head, hands and arms and finishing with the legs and feet. This is like giving yourself a wonderful sonic massage.

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