Water: The Conscious Source of Life

January 28, 2020

An abstract painting with various shades of blue.
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Water is commonly accepted as a “consumer product.” What could be more banal than water? Indeed, but if water is an integral part of our everyday lifedrinking, washing, etc.it is much more than that.

The source of life, water permeates our body and the world around us with a loving and caring consciousness with which we can collaborate after making contact. Ancestral wisdom knows that. Today, how many people use water and drink it knowingly?

What if, in these times of collective awakening, we resume the reverence of water with more consciousness?

For a few moments, close your mind to outer distractions and dive into the sacred space of Water. Listen, smell and feel it.

Water in us and all around usomnipresent: in the creeks, water in the rivers, water in the streams, water in the torrents, water in the waterfalls, water that pearls at the crest of the glaciers, water that slides over rocks or the leaves of trees, water pearls in the morning dew…

The fine and refreshing rain on your face, the rainbow next to a stormy sky, the water of the sea, the foaming water of the oceans that shelters so many amazing creatures, water that maintains the fragile balance of life, water that grows gardens and flowers, water in vegetables and fruits…

Spring water, pond water, lake water, swamp water, well water, wash house water, fountain water in villages, cool water in your throat on summer days, hot water in your bath on winter days…

Water that has welcomed you and bathed you in your mother’s womb, water that woman releases before the birth of her child, water of your tears that releases your emotions, water of your body, water in your blood, water in your organs, water in your endocrine glands, water in the heart of your cells…

Water that dissolves, cleanses, purifies, heals, transforms and soothes…

Water that nourishes, grows and expands…

Water that binds and connects, unifies and fluidifies…

Water that activates, transports, carries and sets in motion…

Water that sanctifies and blesses…

I recommend doing this simple and very sacred ritual at least once a day, at bedtime and preferably on an empty stomach: take a glass of water in your hand and drink it with consciousness and gratitude. Drink water as a sacred act.

Sit or stand, bare feet flat on the floor, close your eyes, go into yourself, then take a sip of water in your mouth without swallowing it. Let it gradually take your body’s temperature, as its energy diffuses into your oral cavity. You can also knead it, let it move back and forth and from right to left, like a wine taster enjoying a Grand Cru winebecause it is one.

Then, when it’s the right time for you, swallow the water slowly feeling its passage through your throat. With gravity, water knows only one way: the one who brings it back to the Earth, hence its strong anchorage power. So it goes down from your mouth to your pelvis, and then from your legs to your feet.

Keep in mind that you are not a vase that is filled, but a channel that lets itself cross. So, when water has reached your soles, do not keep it inside you: in consciousness, give it to the Earth.

Finally, I invite you to utter, either internally or aloud, the following sentence:

“May all be accomplished and returned to Earth, and may only my Divine Presence remain forever.“

Repeat this ritual daily for seven days and carefully observe the change that happens in your body and your life.

An abstract painting with various shades of blue.

“Bleus de la Ville” by Jerome Schreiber

Energy Cure of Programmed Water

What is the cure?

The cure I propose takes place over seven days and consists of replacing all the liquids with water, programmed remotely with the sound of my voice. Your solid foods do not change, but that means no more tea or coffee, no more fruit or vegetable juice, no more soda or alcohol; hey, no one said it was going to be easy.

What king of water are we talking about?

It’s just tap water! Simply fill one or more transparent glass bottles, taking care to clean them thoroughly and remove all labels: text, numbers, codesinformation that water captures and memorizes. The greatest neutrality is therefore strongly recommended. As for the water sold in plastic bottles, understand that once collected, it degrades progressively its energy quality. Factory-packed, then labelled and coded, it is then transported and stored in warehouses before arriving on the shelves of your supermarket. I’ll let you imagine the amount of information it has received, since its extraction at the source.

Water programming is often carried out at the beginning of sound care, and lasts about ten minutes. At the end of the session, I invite you to drink water in consciousness to anchor the energetic work and initiate the cure: a gesture that you will have to repeat every morning, on an empty stomach, for a week.

How much water?

One bottle or two, is that enough for seven days? Yes, because the water thus programmed can be multiplied by dilution. By adding a simple water plug to another unprogrammed water bottle to transfer the information, you can renew your stock at will, according to your needs. It will keep its vibratory potential for at least a year.

What are the effects?

As the source of life water is, on this three-dimensional plan, the densified image of Source. In this way, it achieves on the energetic, emotional and spiritual levels, all the functions it performs on the physical plane: carrying, fluidifying, dissolving, cleansing, purifying, blessing…

Water, used as a cure, employs our ability to tap into our inner resources as well as our relationship with the source: an intimate and sacred relationship, which it updates and clarifies. Depending on the person, the effects are very different: physical and/or emotional cleansing, centering, connection to the Earth, opening of consciousness, fluidification of a blocked situation—water knows what it has to do for you and be sure that it will.

I keep in mind wonderful anecdotes about this work and the magic of water, especially the story of this young man who, a few years ago, asked me if I could find the water source he couldn’t locate in his garden. At that time, I just gave him the phone number of a friend who is bio-energetic.

When he finally decided to start a cure, I programmed water for him and warned him when it was ready.

A few minutes later, I received this moving message: “Incredible! On pure intuition and in 30 seconds, I found my source! “

“Before or after drinking the water?” I asked.

You know the answer.

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