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Truth Lies Within

November 22, 2018

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If it’s true that our life is a reflection of our inner truth, and if pain is the motivating factor behind the search for truth, then the only real truth we need to discover lies within.

Intellect. That’s what makes human beings different from all other living creatures. Of course, all living things have some form of intelligence otherwise they would cease to exist, but the ability and the desire to ponder life’s mysteries is unique to human beings. We have learnt to celebrate and cherish our intellect, so much so that we bestow great awards to those who study, and experiment, and achieve. Yet, there are those who still struggle to learn the truth.

We are meant to learn from one another—that is a truth, but the things we learn from others aren’t necessarily our truth.

What is truth? Are facts truth? What is considered a fact today could very well be considered folly tomorrow. Facts change when new information is made available, so I think it’s fairly safe to say that facts are not truths.

A purple eye on a dark background.

Untitled by Alexandra Carr Moores

When a person wants to learn the truth it’s almost always in response to a negatively charged personal experience, and that kind of truth can only be obtained from one specific outside source—God, however you choose to define Him/Her/It.

We are driven to learn the truth when we feel that we have been betrayed. Lied to. Deceived. The quest to learn the truth can become incredibly distorted by our mind’s process, especially if the intensity of the emotion we attached to the untruth is itself disproportionate to the fabrication.

Our mind’s process can and does convince us of all kinds of untruths, so how does a person reconcile that? We must unlearn our dependence on our intellect and relearn accessing and trusting our inner guidance system—our intuition and our Spirit. Truth is recognized, not learned. We don’t think truth, we feel it.

The further away we moved from using a combination of spiritual intelligence and human intelligence the more complicated life became. Intelligence is a gift. Our ability to learn is a gift. We have forgotten that experience is also a teacher and more importantly we have forgotten that we are more than our intellect.

We can only see through our own eyes, so what is truth to one person is not necessarily truth to another. Tune in to your inner guidance and invite Divine Wisdom into your life. The truth, as it relates to you, is sure to follow.

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