Transcending Archetypes: The Feminine vs. the Masculine

October 19, 2018

A painting of what appears to be a man and a woman standing facing one another.
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There is a lot of partisanship going around these days. It can be a divisive headspinner! It has brought up for me the issue of the potential and probable divisiveness within each of us.

That is the divisiveness between our archetypal feminine and archetypal masculine. The true feminine nature and true masculine nature has nothing to do with the version society dictates to us as normal—that which we are urged to take on—or the religious, stereotypical versions either.

These templates for feminine and masculine have been with us and most societies for many eons. In coming up through our youth, we so want to be accepted and approved of and in response to demands and messages many of us, both female and male, twist ourselves into a pretzel shape for acceptance and approval. That inner-shaping of self may interfere with the natural true feminine and masculine within, and create stress within ourselves by taking us away from our natural selves.

A painting of what appears to be a man and a woman standing facing one another.

“Stand By Me While I Save Myself” by Laurel Swenson

Each human being is born with both a true feminine and masculine nature. They are meant to work in balance and harmony with each other so we can be our full selves.

The true feminine provides creativity, conception, perception, imagination, desire, dreaming. The true masculine provides action, will, looks to provide meaning and understanding and filling the space provided by the creativity, the conception of new idea, dreaming, imagination. So together, they speak to form and function and establish a harmony and balance within. The balance is not equal: 50/50 sometimes but it may be 20/80 one week and a bit later be 75/25. The artist dreams of the scene to paint—feminine. The masculine then works to paint it, very simply put.

As we grow we may push one or the other down within us, or even hide them away for protection as we encounter expectations within our inner circle of family, friends, society and religion. This all starts at a very young age. I know quite a number of women who lead with their masculine, as that is more admired and gets more prestige.

The one side of the imbalance can be the person who always has lots of ideas, and jumps around from one to the other never bringing one into fruition. And another side of the imbalance is the individual who is always doing, doing, doing and run by the to-do list, and who feels he/she has no imagination or innate creativity.

So what to do? Begin by observing what seems natural and what does not. State an intention of wanting to balance your inner feminine and masculine, so they work together. Offer compassion and forgiveness to yourself. Try to get familiar with your natural inclinations. Try to see your patterns and improve them. Beyond this, meditation and visual imagery work well to re-establish the balance.

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