The Seed of a Child Molester [Poetry]

October 26, 2018

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I was spawned from a sexual predator’s gene pool
a child molester
a fool

To my utter shame
he chipped in seed
and stained my mother’s name

With his lascivious pension for innocents
and no conscience to correct
molesting my future with dirty fingers

And perverted sentiments

He smeared blood stains on Zion’s

Confused Nubian queens
turned crack heads and harlots
throwing their pearls to swines

His actions defined them
shaped them, sedated them with lies
complicated them with demons
deposited in their bellies
toting pernicious poison
passed on by their precarious predator
a.k.a my father

He took what was precious (the heartbeat)
and left only the carcass

Karma was not asleep
while he was out thieving innocence
compensation was due him
that’s where I came in

Everything he did to them was done to me
daughter of my father
a leaf from his tree

Nourished by his roots
his deeds grew
and blossomed
like noxious fruits

He bent forward smiling
here sweetheart: you can have them
that’s all he ever gave me
his name and his karma
and a lifetime of drama
my father the child molester

I’m sorry if he wronged you
if he stole your will to live
if he burned down your house

and left you to sit in ashes
I’m sorry you hurt so bad
and sleep is complicated

If it’s any consolation to you
when he hurt you
even though he didn’t mean to
he hurt me too

Except I carry his curse on my back
like the marks on a crab
and no matter where I go
these scars are all I have

Thanks to my sperm donor
who never was a father
but gifted me his karma
the seed of the child molester…

One comment:

  1. john tucker

    October 26, 2018 at 1:52 pm

    The media are all falling over themselves these days to see who can report the most or the worst abuses by sexual predators.
    I see this as a natural reaction to the world overpopulation problem. I’m seriously considering investments in AI sex dolls.
    But it really would be healthier to have some balance … we actually have a barbell situation of opinions and actions in this country, where the prudes and the people who outright lie about having been abused, are just as destructive as the abusers …





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