Meditating Under the Influence: THC & Me

March 18, 2021

A drawing of a serene-looking young woman.
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I’ve been meditating consistently for the last decade, putting various forms into practice and experimenting with many ways to expand my consciousness, reprogram my subconscious mind, and encourage rapid spiritual awakening. Many friends and clients reach out to me asking about the benefits of combining cannabis with meditation. As a person who has grown up around this healing plant, I always understood it to be a beneficial medicine, which was so graciously provided to us by Mother Earth. The given narrative that marijuana was bad for your health, and harmful in general, was a viewpoint never subscribed to by me, my family or my friends.

This healing herb remained a consistent fixture in my life from my early teens onward and my perception of this incredible plant has always skewed towards the positive. I have for many years combined the practice of meditation with cannabis use, and I have come to a few conclusions.

Firstly, meditation and weed have a few very important aspects in common. They both heal. Meditation calms down the body and mind, and raises one’s vibration, which gives the body the perfect opportunity to self-repair and rejuvenate. Marijuana has very similar effects on the mind and body. Combining the two together in practice can create an unbelievably nurturing experience, which gives a person permission to completely surrender their mental and physical pain. Their vibration raises, their tension decreases, and with this combination, physical and mental healing can begin.

Another common trait that both “habits” possess is the fact that they help a person to mentally surrender to the present moment. Meditation forces one to focus on the breath. In doing so, this focus narrows one’s awareness into the present moment where past is forgotten and future is not of concern. This present-moment focus quiets the chatter of the mind, creating a beneficial environment for internal self-reflection and mindfulness, of the here and now. Cannabis also accomplishes this task beautifully. If a person is in a bad mood and they smoke cannabis, they may quickly forget what had them feeling so down, as the herb has raised their vibration, and their perspective is now wider then it was before. They may jokingly ask, “What was I mad about again?”

A drawing of a serene-looking young woman.

“Sea of Dreams” by Jodi Bonassi

Both do a great job at forcing our awareness into being enveloped by the here and now, and gives us a lighter perspective on the trivial day to day problems, which is an extremely beneficial stance to take, easing our stress on the body and mind. Mixing meditation and weed also creates a perfect internal environment for deep shadow work, self-reflection, self-realizations and epiphanies. It provides a much more expanded view of the self and the world at large. Meditation expands your consciousness and the pairing of this practice with marijuana works to enhance the entire experience.

While the combo in discussion creates a beneficial, healing and spiritually expanded experience, dependence may make it difficult to reach a meditative state without the substance. Constant use can cloud sharp thinking and judgement, and impair the natural, high-vibrational flow of energy, leaving a person feeling sedated and lethargic. Like all good things in life, the above practice must be done in moderation.

So, with moderation, this healing plant combined with the consistent practice of going inward, can help to create expanded states of peace, tranquility, healing and spiritual connection.

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