Energy Healing: Surrendering to the Session

April 30, 2021

A painting of a middle-aged woman surrounded with figures of other women of various ages..
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Letting go of control, making room for the unexpected, can be a difficult thing for a healer. Depending on the modality, there may be a need to follow certain procedures or specific steps and timings. Or, with other modalities, there is none of that and your healing approach requires staying fully open in the present moment to allow your higher self, divinity or source to bring through that which is most needed. I have worked with both these approaches, although the latter example better describes my work today when facilitating deep healing transformation for my clients.

In my sessions I function as a bridge for the highest self or pure source, and I know that each session will bring through the best-at-that-time possible rendition of the client. Still, there is always the exciting element of not fully knowing what will transpire in each healing. And with that comes the invitation, or challenge, to have full faith and trust in yourself as a facilitator and in your connection to Great Source—that unified-field level, the all-encompassing aspect of life that binds us all together and is the essence of all healing.

One example of unexpectedness happened in a session a few years back. A woman had asked me about my healing sessions. I knew her to some extent and I was aware that she didn’t have much experience, save a single session years earlier from another integrative healer. “Come by Sunday,” I said, and “we’ll do a short 30-minute session for you to try it out and get familiar with my way of working.”

Said and done, she came by the following Sunday afternoon for a short “test” session. It was a warm and sunny afternoon in May, just when leaves were starting to bud on trees, as spring starts late in Sweden. We began the session. The room got quiet, yet filled with light, both from the sun coming through the windows and from the powerful nurturing presence created in the room—a presence bridged in through the higher intention set for the healing and held in place by my own energy system as the facilitator. As part of that process, or perhaps in response to that process, a natural healing flow gets spurred within the client. As always, I knew I would immediately be shown the areas in my client’s system that needed transformation.

The woman relaxed into the session and her system opened up easily as I guided her to the deep-seated, stagnant blocks that needed to be cleared for transformation to take place. When a person has not had a lot of experience with healing, it may take some time to learn what it feels like when energy moves and transforms on deeper levels in the body. It may be similar to learning to perceive a subtle tone in a mix of loud sounds. You may not know what to listen for at first, and thus feel you don’t hear anything. But as you learn to listen more deeply, that subtle tone becomes clear. On the “note,” subtle energy movements in the body can become just as clear and noticeable as a loud musical tone. It turned out the woman’s system was absolutely ready for change. She could perceive every subtle, and not so subtle, nuance of movement as I guided her through the release process.

Throughout my client’s life she, in expressing herself as an artist/musician (with a deep interest in nature/plants), had always had to hold back in order to play her role as the “good girl,” the proper and organized person taking responsibility for everyone else. Yet she’d deeply longed to let go of that structure, to open up to new things, seek new directions and embrace the present moment—where creativity would be her guide—more fully. Tears ran down her cheeks as these old, rigid blocks finally released, which is a natural response to deep transformation. Nothing surprising so far. It was a fairly “normal” session.

What ended up surprising me in this particular session was what happened toward the end. The sacred energy in the room and in our systems amped up even more and I perceived what I would call an angelic presence with us—right there in the otherwise quiet, sun-filled room. It wouldn’t be the first time to happen, and I was especially happy that my client—fairly new to healing—got to directly feel the presence of this angelic being. What’s more, this was the first time an angelic presence showed up not only to help in the session but to stay with my client and become her personal growth guide.

A painting of a middle-aged woman surrounded with figures of other women of various ages..

“Extract” by Jodi Bonassi

I met regularly with my client over the coming weeks, helping her learn how to live and communicate with her new guide, whom she grew able to “hear” and converse with. By that time my client had identified the angelic presence as one of the archangel energies; as an additional surprise, within another few weeks, the original presence bridged in a second archangel, here to help with slightly different matters.

It was clear from the very start that my client’s angel guides would not stay forever; only for a while, as an answer to her deep call for personal growth and development at this time in her life. For about one year, she had the two archangels as her guides, both helping and supporting her in distinct areas. After that year, the first archangel had completed the task agreed upon (a special arrangement between the archangel and my client). As for now, two years later, she still has the guiding presence of the second archangel with her; that said, as she grows and expands her spiritual awareness and experience, the presence is less and less involved in her life. The whole meaning from the start was simply to help my client rediscover her own connection to Great Source, to her underlying divine nature, and the connection to the multidimensional aspects of life.

Rewinding to the healing session that sunny afternoon in May 2019, as we looked at the clock at the end of the session, the intended 30-minute healing had grown into a four-hours-long, quite intense process, much to both of our surprise.

I want to add that the guiding support of the archangel presence had positive effects not only on my client’s life, by helping her take new steps in her professional career and more, but also on her family members. They too were positively affected by her experience and, at times, also included in the guidance given.

With that, I also want to end by saying that bridging angelic presences through is not a focused intention in any of my sessions. Simply staying open as a facilitator, without trying to control or demand the highest of someone, can and does bring amazing surprises and beautiful healing experiences.

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Alyona Ninichuk
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Ty for this informative piece.

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