Sujok: Triorigin Healing for the Age of Light

February 19, 2019

A painting of two hands, one holding the finger of another.
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Here you are—a soul with three energetic selves: mind, body, life. These forces form the wholeness of you, and the Sujok healing system reaches all of these aspects of wholeness. Bringing together knowledge from ancient cultures to today, Professor Park Jae Woo—Korean author and founder of Triorigin Smile Meditation—devised the Sujok holistic healing system that is truly complementary and wholly alternative. Sujok provides a systematic format for self-unfolding and healing self and others.

The rising consciousness of our planet is making us aware of the possibilities of human being and human ascension: that each one of us is designed to be self-knowing, that we are physically capable of self-healing, that our humanity is meant to benefit all beings. However, as we are still moving towards this age of light, we can get overwhelmed, and need the help of healers of different modalities. As we heal others, we unfold to our essence, the Origin Smile.

As healers we know that emotions and mental states are closely linked to the physical body. Like the universe, the human body is an orderly system of interconnected parts, organs and energies. The brilliant discovery of Sujok therapy is that hands (su) and feet (jok) are a fractal of the entire body as they are similar to the physical body in shape and symmetry, and similarity helps in the communication of the body to specific correspondence points on hands and feet.

A painting of two hands, one holding the finger of another.

Untitled by Christina Cobb

The body is constantly communicating through the correspondence points which are conveniently located on the hands and feet. As you go about your day—walking, working, playing, dancing, running, touching—these correspondence points get pressed and send back a healing vibration to the related parts and organs of the body. In this way, many ailments are prevented. The Sujok healing system provides simple ways to tend to ourselves—like ring massage, twisting of finger joints or samwondong—and identify problem areas before they become acute.

This two-way communication of the body with its correspondence points also helps in both diagnosing and treating ailments. If the body is overwhelmed by internal or external stresses, these correspondences get extremely painful on pressing. The daily preventive activities can point to an area that needs additional healing.

Let’s say one’s lower back is in pain. We can focus on the correspondence points of fingers and toes, massage them with a ring and find some relief. Sujok shows quick results, because the moment we begin to press the specific correspondence points, the healing waves travel back to the ailing part, the parasympathetic nervous system becomes active, and the resources of the body move to help the body rest, refresh and renew. If the pain goes away, we can continue our other activities. Sometimes, the pain becomes less but doesn’t fully go away. At this point, we have two choices: continue healing or not.

We may leave our healing activity and go about our daily activity or focus on something “more important than the body,” or even take a drug to mask the pain. The ailment does not go away and can become worse, chronic or recurring. This is because following our command to “get on with it,” the brain directs the resources of the body to the sympathetic nervous system which helps us to stay active and ignore the body’s messages.

If we decide to continue, Sujok’s deeper healing methods of seed therapy, color therapy, chakra therapy, and micro-magnet therapy are used to sustain these effects. By stimulating three or four optimal correspondence points for a sustained period of time, these tools help the underlying ailment. The advantage of Sujok correspondence points is that while we cannot massage our own back, and even getting someone else to do this can worsen the ailment; we can ourselves, or through the help of a family member or therapist, reach the correspondences on our fingers and toes and bring about healing not only of the pain but of the underlying condition.

As all healing practitioners know, the healing comes from within a person; and we are aiding its process. By not masking the pain, but reducing it in these natural ways, Sujok ensures that there are no harmful side effects. The pain of a correspondence point is difficult to ignore as it is a messenger, much like the cry of a baby. As they are remote controls for the body, correspondence points can quickly effect change, but cannot harm the main body. The body and mind are intricately linked, so healing a physical ailment can lower anxiety, stress levels and depressive tendencies. As organs are functionally inter-related, healing one helps another.

How do we know that it is healed? A smile appears. Sometimes even the memory of the pain goes away. Time and again I’ve seen clients forgetting that they had an ailment—a good reason for a therapist to keep records!

The consciousness of this planet is rising, and ultimately each one of us will learn to hear and heed the cries of the body, the whispering of our mind and the smile particles in our cells that are designed to bring healing about. With a widespread Sujok awareness in every home, the light age of Smile Consciousness seems closer.

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