Stress and Anger: how to stop letting your emotions control you.

October 19, 2020

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Anger is a powerful feeling that can easily spin you out of control. You can often feel hostage of your own anger outbursts and you might not see the way out of this.

Do you find that you are tired and exhausted emotionally from all the stress you are carrying around with you? Tension manifesting in your body causing aches and pains. Because you have no time, you are always in a rush and at the end of each day, you feel overwhelmed. You are pushing down your emotions, your pain and perhaps you don’t even have time to think. Your life is all about running errands and being a responsible adult. You are trying to manage the best you can, but the anger comes rolling at you often and you lose control. It makes you act the way you don’t want to act, it makes you say things you would not want to say, it leaves you vulnerable, incredibly ashamed, and guilty ….

It doesn’t have to be this way.

One big lesson that we have learnt personally through our journey is to embrace and honor your anger, to listen to it instead of constantly trying to shut it down. Plus, a fundamental element that often gets forgotten or overlooked, is the importance of relaxation for those unwanted feelings, of stress, anger, anxiety, and other heavy weighted emotions.

You feel like a bubbling pot of hot water. It starts gently, but you can feel the heat within you boiling up as the day and the week move forward.  From something breaking, to missing your train, a traffic jam, spilling your coffee, to the comment your colleague made earlier, the argument with your partner, to the state of the planet and political affairs.

By the time you get home each day you feel the emotional anger within you is desperate to escape. You are reminiscing the same concerns in your head, “this is not fair”.  You feel like the whole world is unjustified. And the truth is, the only things that ease the emotions within is an alcoholic beverage, a TV series to distract you, and a sleeping aid before bed. Each day you rise, and its the same ongoing emotional battle not to have a tantrum and scream at the person supposedly causing you these stresses.

  • Have you ever tried sitting with your anger trying to figure out what it is trying to tell you?

  • Do you want to overcome these feelings? To better manage the outbursts as they begin to bubble within?

  • Do you want to move through life with ease and joy each day?

Let me tell you, relaxation can help to eliminate unnecessary energy drain that gets wasted when our reaction to the stressful events in our life is a burst of anger.

When you are feeling the heat bubbling away within you it can be easy to blow up and over-react, usually making the situation worse than it needs to be, dam another person you’ve shouted at or snapped at. Another person to avoid or apologise to.

Reduce your irritability and anger, reduce your impatience.

Enhance your emotional resilience and strength by facing your anger to hear the wisdom it is trying to convey, and then compassionately and gently relax into this space.

By practising some simple relaxation techniques, you can move your heightened state of stress and anger to a smoother calmer place of ease and flow.

We teach short exercises to our clients and give them the tools to practise on their own in their own time to reduce impatience, irritability and anger.

We can help you find a way to your inner peace through specific tools and techniques that will eventually allow you to be able to face your anger and make peace with it.

Want to learn some of these simple but effective exercises?

Let’s speak today and incorporate some more ease, flow and joy into your life.

Meanwhile, tell me what do you think your anger might be trying to tell you?

Want to find out more about how you can learn to better manage your emotions related to stress and anger? See our emotional management page here and schedule a free consultation to hear more about personalised packages by clicking here

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