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The Magic of the Shadow

February 2, 2020

A photo of a contorted shadow on a textured ground.
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In the brightness of light the darkest shadows appear. It’s magic, although it might not always feel like this, especially when you’re standing in the full embracement of life, feeling the comforting warmth of the sun shining in your neck. Touched by the hand of unconditional love in your back, your head being held by the beauty of all there is, and then it’s there, out of the blue, right in front of you: the tricks of the mind showing you a version of yourself that is a bit out of proportion to say the least. There’s no escape to these artificial reflections that appear so real and show you parts of yourself that you haven’t seen before, straight into your face. You can’t walk away. It makes you wonder, doubtfully questioning who you really are in essence.

A photo of a contorted shadow on a textured ground.

Untitled by Katrina Zimmerman

Shadows are walking with us, to make us see the things we don’t want to see, pointing out that there’s no light without darkness, no life without death—a pure image of the duality we embody. It always has to be so magnified, extreme and unreal or painful to see: ugly. Otherwise, we would just step over it. It’s only catching our attention to show life in a different way, yourself from another perspective. The essence remains.

And remember: it’s just a shadow, the hocus pocus of life, part of the trick.

I like shadows. To see the reflection of all there is. In you, in me, in everything. It’s pure magic. It’s life.

“People who know their shadows intimately, who have chosen to make them their beloved servants and wards, are people who no longer project them onto the world and battle them in their most intimate partners. They are no longer enslaved to their shame, and can walk unhidden and invulnerable to attack from outside forces. They also become magnetic and potent in their wholeness, capable of more than they have yet dared to dream.” (“Turning Our Disowned Aspects into Powerful Allies” by Joshua Hathaway)

Have you seen that light shining, invitingly, at the end of the tunnel?


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