Fourteen Self-Help Life Hacks

February 24, 2020

A bright, abstract painting of a peacful person's upper body with warm yellow and orange hues swirling in the background.
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Let me ask you a question, and I want you to answer honestly: has there ever been a point in life when you were struggling emotionally and you wished there was a map or a textbook to guide you towards clarity?

Maybe you even purchased a self-help book before in the past? The fact that the self-help industry is worth billions of dollars suggests that many people are searching for the answers in life to make sense of their emotions, especially during difficult times.

As therapists, we help our clients find their inner voice and power, so that they can feel confident and in control, to take their life in the direction they truly desire.

A bright, abstract painting of a peacful person's upper body with warm yellow and orange hues swirling in the background.

Untitled by Lauralee Sikorski

We wanted to share with you some of the methods that we teach our clients during sessions, so that you too can work on your own self-care. We hope you find them useful.

Notes on Self-Love:

  1. To heal, you must feel. Connecting with emotions, acknowledging them, leads to acceptance and knowledge of what to change.
  2. Emotions are neither bad nor good. They are call-to-action messages telling you to be aware of what needs your attention.
  3. Intense negative emotions are okay. You’re a human being. What’s important is that you manage them so that you don’t get overpowered and overwhelmed to the point that you lose control.
  4. Breathe. Breathing exercises work! One minute of breathwork in enough calm you down, and the calm person is the one that has the control.
  5. Delete certain words from your vocabulary: Remove the black/white thinking—should, must, ought, always, never—and avoid blowing things out of proportion.
  6. Give yourself more credit/compassion. Stop auto-disqualifying your own achievements. Your success is from your great efforts, not just luck.
  7. Nobody is a mind reader. Not even psychics can interpret things perfectly. So stop trying to guess or predict actions and thoughts of others.
  8. Use your own words. Tell people what you need, ask for that which you want. When you’re more open to communicate, you become more open to receiving and accepting positive feedback too.
  9. Self-reflection is a great tool. Take a journal to check in with yourself or a mental note to notice what you’re feeling and going through. Notice all the subtle differences each day, knowing everyday you’re getting better.
  10. Boundaries are good. Reasonable goals, small steps in your self-care are essential. When you respect and value your worth enough, you naturally gravitate towards bringing good things into life.
  11. Everyone has a bit of darkness, but they also have a bit of light. Even good people can make mistakes. Allow negative feelings from others to you and you to yourself to be releases.
  12. Approach memories/emotions with curiosity, compassion, understanding and open acceptance. Understand what values and actions are core to you for your emotional well-being.
  13. Examine expectations. Are they reasonable? Are they necessary? Are they serving any real purposes? Drain out anything that serves no more purpose.
  14. Things are always bigger/worse when you exaggerate the frustration. Switch the perspectives, compare your issues to the massive universe and check again.

Keep paying attention to all the new learning, and you’ll realize how brave you are upon pursuing your goals! By treating yourself differently, you’ll be able to focus on changes, optimize your potential and achieve more than you can think of today.

Contact us to know how our services can you help you achieve what you want from your life. We know you deserve it—do you?

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