Scent of a Woman, rising, rising a global healing.

April 25, 2021

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I am a woman and an embodiment of the Divine Feminine energy. I suppose it does interlace between being words for all and specifically for women because we all do have divine feminine in us and some of us also embody it.

I would like to say before you read that this is in no way about just women but instead if we raise our thoughts our focus, we can see that this is really about the liberation of energy. The liberation of a part of all of us. If we stand back and get out of the mental cages we can embrace the big picture. I write cryptic, a little, must be the old scribe in me. But that which I write needs to be felt anyway.

And if you are a woman reading this also expands our role and responsibility if you allow that expansion by taking off the foggy lenses and accepting the much larger picture.

Gratitude for the moment of divine feminine energy that was present for our first
Conscious Women’s Gathering – for it is that, that inspired this. What made it special was the organic sense of it.

Women as well as men are pack animals. Even Alpha females in the animal kingdom who hunt alone, such as the white tigress, will come together when necessary for a common cause in their “community” for a “streak” or an “ambush” of tigers. And once resolved they continue about on their own.

We, woman can be Alpha’s and come together for an “ambush” of light.

Because community means placing the needs of that group in high priority, higher than our own. We need to do that for a collective that wronged us, that oppressed us.

We are the ones who can show the world how it’s done, as the mother’s that we are.
We can be the ones that prepare the world’s new “land” while planting the seeds for the new in the new virtual world as well as restore the old & present, like seed preservers, bringing into the future only the best and only the best with highest vibration.

We were the first to be oppressed and for that we DESERVE the gift (pendulum swing, balance after a patriarchal rule), the gift of being the first to be FREE is actually in our favor thanks to math and the the balance of it ALL. As balance is source.

Yes, contemplate it if you must. In pantheons and in nature based paths (ancient ways of thinking) the feminine energy just like the positive and negative in an atom was considered equal in the mix, that be Life.

However it is we who hold the key to our shackles.

It is we who accepts how the world perceives us and allow ourselves to be judged by the same limited standards.

I do invite anyone to look at the big picture and see the potential in this.

So many women must put children first, husband’s first, even work first after a miscarriage ( the death of a life inside), a man’s needs, before theirs. So much so,that no wonder they get clingy and desperate once Depleted of energy. Let’s be real the term thirsty is an  absolutely good name for the feeling you get when surrounded by that vibe.
A thirst for the balance.
The Divine Feminine energy can not be denied for it is an equal force of nature in all.

Many men who are higher in feminine energy are in that same vibration. Nurturing from Empty.

But …

We Do it.

Meaning our essence because it is nurturing, is capable of doing this.

Placing the needs of the collective first.

After, of course:
*Mothering ourselves
*Healing our inner child
*Facing our darkness
Our anger
Self hate
And having~
Deep forgiveness of the self
true forgiveness,
not forgetting, remembering and living that self forgiveness,

Feel and accept that we all carry guilt (ancestral guilt in our DNA) and buried in our subconscious.
Heal, in spirals no rush.
Can’t rush the healing, we have learned that lesson as a collective. No need to repeat it.

Sit with anything you feel guilty of and go through it.

After self forgiveness
Self care
Allow the new to be born in you.
Go through the process because if we don’t go through it in healing, it’s like a cancer, if the roots are not healed they will grow and infect the self & come back twice as strong.
It is the way. Not of a white beard man but of simple cause and effect bumper car science.
Unfortunately perhaps, so have compassion towards the self even after major epiphanies or breakthroughs because if your life experience continues then so does your inner journey.

Then clearly look around you.
Expanding that clearer perspective out into your relationships, community, global gender history and conditions. Not just for women but for all who are oppressed by an unfair system.

After seeing the cycle, of

how nothing has, really changed, we have gotten more or less tolerant, been thrown some instant gratification pats on the head and bum and got the right to vote but does it carry the same weight ..globally.
When you learn about the injustice towards women around the globe you realize especially if you are in the west that you ARE your sister’s keeper.  You can be.
How other women,
have suffered not *like” you, but have “been in similar conditions or situations” as you and experienced similar oppressive or manipulative deeds just because of their gender.

Compassion does play a part in this as we can not resolve anything, simply basing this on social mistakes of the past,we can not simply destroy & not create nor can we build the new based on fears of the past.

We must all create the new already with new ideals and momentum so that the mistakes of the past are not repeated.

The trust must be present deep inside because you are going against the grain ( the norm, the judgement, the standards and not living by the definitions of others but instead by those of your heart!).

That is why early self care and healing are a must.

While going against the grain you are also fully supported by the greatest mother of all. Pachamama and the Feminine which is the Energy.

As in you are limitless and so they tell you that you are the weakest. You must trust that you are not.

Study and research.

Look at all the women denied their place in history and of which our children will never hear. It’s very disturbing.

The way even how the blessed holy versions were demoted. From warrior goddess and dieties to oppressed and subservient Mother Mary, from Eve the seductress to Lilith to Magdalena, judged/defined and oppressed.

Read about women’s slavery, women shield maidens of the Vikings, about inventors creators even in computer science coding, we gave been the first in many things but only used if that achievement favored a masculine business, venture or political goal.

Educate yourselves on the many roads walked by women and you will find strength, endurance, courage and above all grace. Which is why in some paths a wan does not need a man to reach higher..or buddhahood for example.

We must be compassionate towards those who wronged us.

Begin individually.

Then take it deeper.

Take it to the depths of your womb.

Many women are feeling the ancestral karmic weight and pull, the cultural karmic debts and are feeling it from a much different perspective simply because of the gender as well.

Have compassion towards yourself, accept yourself, honor each and every inch of your body because it houses & holds you.
Holds your very soul.

Let us heal, heal the healer as all women are healers. Let us heal each other as sisters, mothers and daughters. And then let us plant those seeds.
Nurture and work that land. Find your passion, your fire, your elemental self and once you have found that..integrate and practice it outside of your inner circle and gender but with ALL.

Look at how far we can .
We can Go!

Lead by example.

You can accept that responsibility or say F it.

You can choose to define or not define yourself or allow another to define you.

Apologies for taking your time but we all really don’t have that *much* time and if it simply caused you to pause your scroll then so be it.

We don’t even have time to “play” with psychedelics or experiment with them! We have time to download, work with them, elevate, create and integrate.

The hippies are of the past.
Different era in our, our, history.

We don’t have the choice to be hippies.

Just in case you go the psychedelic trending route.

What we can do is embody it in the cliche of cliches

Be the change.

Forgive yourselves, each other, the system, the oppressor and unite to shine individually and together.

We can be a huge part in this new time.

The Dalai Lama said that a western woman would save or change the world. Something like that. Google it. Cross reference it. Explore women in Ancient Egypt, women in religions, women in ancient pantheons. Get to being the light and light towers.

And like a woman is impregnated may you impregnate others with your higher heart non possessive free to be, love n compassion.

We must not forget.
So that the past not repeat.

a common thread binds us.
Our humanity.
Our placement in history, in our own cultures, societies that WE ourselves gave birth to.

The fact that we are Women is actually in itself so powerful. And like Malcolm X told Sam Cook (in One night in Miami movie directed by a woman)

You have the power. You can use it for So MUCH! You can fill rooms and stadiums, you have such a power and why wouldn’t you use it for it’s highest potential if not because of fear.

A fear that all our lineage has been programmed to feel.

Even to where we have to mind how short our skirt is or we will be guilty of asking for rape.

Not the desire to show our beautiful bodies..out long healthy legs in celebration.

It is inevitable for the woman to be free.
How that happens is not for me to decide.
It’s up to all of us.

Our liberation from that placement rising peacefully saying, “no, I am going to see through my own lenses and define or not define myself for myself”, not just for my good but for the good of all.” Will be a spark that can inspire the men in our lives of all ages for we are
The embodiment of the Goddess.
All of us, for she is far to great to only exist in each cell in our bodies (positive/negative charge in all cells), or in only one.

She is limitless. Is in all.

The endless inner battles must be faced.
And the courage of a woman is powerful. It is in every woman for every woman if in child labor does the ultimate physical surrender, because
She CAN.

No hate, no complaints need to be present
We are better than this.
We are far better than what we have been defined as, what we have allowed, and what we can be.

Our liberation by our own hand can inspire the liberation of all.

All colors are equal.
All genders are equal.

We fear our differences not even based on our own experiences and we cling to the negative in the past through our actions in the present doomed to keep cycling repeating again.

Together we can assist in the liberation of other races and at the same time nurture, create and rise.

Much love.
Just A visionary indian ( as in indigenous✌️rant😊)


Find more of my work on my website. I still do Energetic womb healing as well as workshops and lectures on women’s healing. As well as, of course, working with women in later years, during end of life or chronic pain due to ptsd from sexual or narcissist manipulation trauma/ abuse.

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