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Reinforcing Energetic Boundaries with Colors, Shapes and Numbers

January 9, 2019

Four abstact paintings, each a different color, in a square.
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The least understood or discussed cause of people’s everyday life problems is poor energetic boundaries.

What if we considered symptoms from stress to acute illness to chronic exhaustion to conflict to be at least partly related to negative energy?

If you are constantly involved in conflicts or tired you could be suffering from distorted physical, emotional or spiritual boundaries. Clear up your boundary issues and your issues at home or work begin to improve too. Your heart will then feel safe to open and you’ll begin to see a clearer way forward.

How do you strengthen your boundaries?


What you wear is an extension of your boundary. Various colors that you wear effect the frequency and shape of your boundary:

  • Wear red if you want to remove others from your energy field.
  • Try purple for workplace success.
  • And blue if you want to appear seamless and calm.

Shapes with Colors

Shapes also play a big role in shifting your energetic field:

  • Envisioning yourself enveloped by a pink triangle will bring love, stability and creativity to your field.
  • Envisioning your field as a circle will repel other illnesses.
  • Shapeshifting your field into squares provides immediate protection from energy vampires or psychic attack.

All the above has maximum effect when combined with a matching elevated emotion and focused intention.

These are just some of the quick and easy ways you can clear and strengthen your energetic boundaries and reap the life rewards.

At the start of the year I had a client come to me feeling stressed and anxious about her job. Colleagues would ignore her and she was passed over repeatedly for promotion. She’d started to feel really unhappy in the office.

During consultation I suggested she wear soft pinks, blues and yellows in the workplace. She had been wearing greys and blacks which had only served to hide her and I suspected this was partly why she had been ignored by colleagues and passed over for promotion.

I advised that soft pinks would help her get along with colleagues, blues would make her feel soothed and calm while yellows would give an aura of intelligence.

While working on my client’s energy field I envisioned her within a large golden pyramid. I chose gold as it commands change and immediately stops professional energy attacks. I used the pyramid as a triangle represents femininity and creativity and the base is a square which represents stability.

This was perfect to help boost my client’s energetic field and I hoped she would feel more stable at work and be perceived as creative, strong and trustworthy and eventually be offered a promotion.

I also decided to work with the power of numbers and envisioned the numbers one and ten being written on my client’s energy field. One was for workplace promotion and to underline her own needs as most important. Ten was written in to open up her possibilities.

I had a chance to catch up with my client about three months later and was interested to hear if things had improved in the workplace.

“I left my job” she said.

“Oh dear!” I thought.

However she went on to say that things had started to shift very quickly at work and within weeks she started feeling the company just wasn’t good enough for her. She then applied for another job with more money, in a more senior role and got it!

Four abstact paintings, each a different color, in a square.

“Accelerated Healing” by Cécile Boland

Distorted boundaries—physical, emotional and energetic—can lead us off our life path. We might become stuck, anxious, depressed, and feel hopeless. Working with energetic fields can help, especially boosted by these effective tools, in shifting clients’ daily lives for the better.

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