Practicing Love and Loving Practice

December 27, 2018

Real life doesn’t just come by itself. I’m not talking about easy-going living. I’m talking about being really alive—truly, deeply, about feeling life sparkling in each cell of your body and beyond, a full presence in the here and now and a deep awareness of life passing by. You are living it, now. You know these moments where you feel that you could die right now and everything would be fine? That’s what I’m talking about.

Nothing is for granted and don’t take it as such. Practice. We learn by doing, by falling again and again. It takes a whole lot of effort to get somewhere, wherever that is and whatever that may be. There are breakdowns along the way. This is part of the so-called process. That’s fine. Don’t waste your time by going into the story. It’s just a little pause in between to breathe, nothing more than that. Everybody needs a pit stop once in a while in order to excel in the rat race of life. Embrace your missteps. They brought you to the place where you are right now. Take your time and keep on going, even if it’s the road less traveled. Trust. Know that you’re going to make it, at least in this life. Go for it, for real. Short cuts seem to make it easier at first sight, but are in fact just quick fixes that lead nowhere in the end. Don’t go there. Stay on your path. Follow your direction. Practice, every day, each moment.

A brightly colored cocoon.

Untitled by Anita Wexler

You can do more than you think. Don’t believe in your beliefs. Your mind just made them up—for a good reason: to protect your life, to survive. But now it’s time to live. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Walk the walk. Fall down. Get up. Rise. Face your fears. Let it hit you in the face. Let it punch you in the stomach. Fall again, into thousands of little pieces, all over the place. Build it up, step by step, one piece at a time. And if a piece doesn’t fit now, it might later. Have patience. Life is holding the space. Don’t give up. Oh, and when you think the puzzle is completed, know that there’s another one waiting for you, a little more challenging this time. It never stops. Life is ongoing.

You’d better make your love your best friend, your everything.

Life is not just a workout. It’s a practice, a devotion that comes with a lot of perseverance, discipline and dedication. You don’t do it because you need to but simply because you want to from deep within. Be alive, not for you, not for me, but just for the gift of life itself. Accept this deep down within. True acceptance is not a state of passivity and letting everything come over you. It’s actively embracing life and taking it in your own hands and loving it in all its facets, even the sides you don’t like to see. It’s all part of the package baby.

Life. Every moment. Everything is practice. Go for it.


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