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Power Arising: Is It Rooted in Peace?

November 28, 2019

A painting of a face in an almost-tribal style.
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Have you gotten to a point where you are taking care of yourself? Has your inner attitude and perspective changed so that now you are your own best friend? Do you make decisions that benefit your own health and well-being? Have you decided that your thoughts are your own; your plans are your own; your time is your own; even your personality is your own?

Taking ownership of things like your time and your personality, what you eat and whom you do things with is a great step in claiming ownership of your own innate power. This is also a wonderful way to get to know your self—who you are; what your longings and desires are; what your life’s work is.

A painting of a face in an almost-tribal style.

“Uncover My Mask” by Anita Wexler

When you take ownership like this, claiming your connection with the Divine—I am okay; I am enough—your authority arises within you, empowering your self. This connection leads to greater peace, happiness and creativity.

Are you standing up for what you believe? Do you ask for help when you need it, and receive it? Are you letting go of past patterns of behavior and relationships that keep you stuck, confused, trying—trying to please, trying to understand, trying to make it right?

Sometime, when we are changing and transforming, when we are allowing our own divinity to exert itself, this goal or intention to change gets set—often in stone—thus becoming a barrier or a push rather than a flow.

Another will begin to influence or manipulate us with their own push. This push is an energy that wants to control; that is afraid of being proven wrong; that is defensive in the face of a differing perspectives.

Most of us don’t like it so we push back, or run away. Our own arising power gets triggered with our need to control, or be right. How do we step out of that influence, where the actions of others sway our own? Rather than push others away when we have different feelings, needs or beliefs, we can let our own selves stand peacefully in our power, accepting that others may think or feel differently—we don’t need to change who we are for them.

Now we are not just empowering our selves. Our power arises within us, not to change the Other, but to let them see who we truly are, and know that it’s okay to have our own personal needs, wants, desires, longings and preferences.

This is the time to be aware of your energy in relationship to the Other: “I am listening to and respecting you, yet I am being true to myself.”

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