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Our Now Becomes Our Future

April 10, 2018

A drawing of a woman with three faces.
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“The Future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens.”

I read the above beautiful quote recently in the foreword of a book by Rainier Maria Rilke. It got me contemplating. I concluded that it is utterly true that my future enters me long before it transforms into my present moment. My present experiences are determined by all my past thoughts, words and deeds and what I think and emote about now also helps paint my future. The future may sometimes appear preordained but, my past conglomeration of thoughts, words and deeds were the creative energies that actually brought about my now.

A drawing of a woman with three faces.

“Past Present & Future” by Anita Wexler

That means, if I do nothing in my present now to change my moment to moment awareness of now, it becomes my next moment to moment experience, i.e. my future, by default. Yet even the most modest change in the energies now, changes my future. Expressing a higher energy of thoughts, words or deeds, transforms into my new life experience, one that moves me ever closer toward the life I really want to be living.

My grade school English teacher might make me rewrite the above, as it is a skosh convoluted but if you approach it slowly, it makes sense. It has a deep and valuable lesson to impart. Any change in the energy of my awareness that I bring to my awareness now, and the quality of this energy, transforms the next now that I will experience in my immediate future. That’s how change comes about, one thought, word or deed at a time. I make one thought a tiny bit more generous in my view of the world or others; that then changes my next words to be a bit more gracious; they then lead to an act of kindness that gives benefit to another person, place or the Earth herself. For example, a genuine smile given, a tolerance of other drivers or picking up trash as I walk along.

This is the royal road to change in oneself, social and environmental health. It’s a way to express my authentic self, my courageous self, even if it’s only a small move in the direction of my dreams for a better world. When I recognize that I really do have time to pause in my responses to the whirling world around me, I can reflect on what I want to bring about as my next experience. It may be patience, trust, fortitude or any of the other qualities that reflect the awakening of my spirituality and unconditional love, but the results follow immediately and are real and genuinely beneficial.

My pausing, contemplation and humble recognition of Source, Cosmic Consciousness or God, shows herself to me in the now when I become silent and focus my awareness on what I’m doing to create my now state of being and that is creating my future. I’m in awe again of the simplicity of making a change.

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