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September 27, 2018

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For ten years I served as a United Methodist Director of Student Ministries. I like to think of myself as a “Dead Poet’s Society” type of teacher—living life together and sharing Christ in and through my own experiences along with guiding students during their own personal journeys. We became kind of like a family. Part of my calling is to help people look at life through different viewpoints, angles, lenses. As portals open up to me, the fountains found within spill onto those within my circumference—including the youth and their families.

One portal that opened was looking at Christ through an Eastern lens. How do those who follow Christ in Eastern countries understand Christ? Deeper exploration led to looking at other religions and how much they all have in common with one another. I began to study Reiki (a Japanese healing technique which is thousands of years old), then massage therapy, then Pranic Healing, then Oneness Awakening, then Heart Light Deeksha. Everything made sense and did not contradict scripture but rather became an expansion of Truth. Master Choa Kok Sui said that there can be different understandings of truth. In the center is truth. Draw a line around that and this is still truth just expanded with the center still being truth. And so forth.

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After about six months as a part-time massage therapist, the church was struggling financially and rumors spread of possible layoffs. I decided to offer to work less at the church to help out with budget cuts. I had another source of income and could maybe keep someone else’s salary from being reduced. A few more months passed and leaving the church became my obvious next step. So, I turned in a six-month notice and prayed for God to help me develop my massage business into one that provides a sustainable income.

A few months passed and it become obvious I needed to make more money—food and shelter are both important, right? So, I applied to several places and then chose Chick-Fil-A because of their willingness to support me in the dream of having a successful massage business along with their understanding that I am a single mother who wants to see her children. Mind you, I also have a B.A. in Organizational Communication and almost 20 years of professional experience. I don’t say this to brag but to tell you that fast food was not the route I ever thought I would take on this journey of becoming a full-time healer.

Ministry was a form of service but doing fast food is way more humbling. I think of Christ disrobing, putting on a loin cloth in order to wash the disciples’ dirty feet. I think of others who have sacrificed for loved ones but that Christ sacrificed for his enemies.

Ray Del Sole says:

“Divine power can only be borne by its opposite pole—deepest humbleness towards God. This is the law of polarity—just must develop both poles to the maximum to keep harmony. So deepest humbleness is the vessel which is able to contain divine power. If someone is not humble, he will be destroyed by this power as he cannot bear it. The virtue of humbleness as well as the virtue of power is growing during the spiritual training in steps to the maximum.”

So here I am, a forever minister, a licensed massage therapist with a recent certification in manual Lymphatic drainage therapy, and a chicken worker. I am a very humbled healer. And that is okay. Actually, I am so much more than my work/ministry. I am the perfect me, continually becoming more and more perfect.

I encourage you to take a look at your own life through such a lens, angle, viewpoint. Take a moment and look at your life. Be thankful. Gratitude and joy have the highest vibrations.

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