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      Sunetra Basu is a dedicated healer, spiritual counselor and a Reiki Master Teacher who has been healing since 2000, and teaching Reiki and White Light Healing Meditation Course since 2011. Over the past twenty plus years of her healing journey Sunetra has taught Reiki and conducted healing sessions for individuals across USA, India, UK, France, Australia and UAE.

      The Healing Journey

      As a compassionate healer and an empath, Sunetra has been sending life saving, often miraculous healing energy that brought quick and long lasting relief to patients suffering from acute, critical and chronic physical conditions ranging from common cold/cough/infections, skin diseases, blood pressure and cardiac diseases, mental and tissue healing after surgery, labor pain, meningitis, tumors, cancer, intense side effects of chemotherapy, fracture, skeletal joint immobility, and migraine, to mention a few. She has in course of her first hand healing experiences witnessed that Reiki and Divine Light work very effectively and very fast to produce amazing positive transformation and pain reduction and relief from acute depression, hypertension, fear and anxiety, stress, nervousness, paranoia, suicidal tendencies, anger/agitation issues and complex relationships. Sunetra has been sending healing to teenagers and children displaying symptoms of ADHD, autism, anger issues and emotional hypersensitivity. (Refer to Testimonials on…

      She mentions it was awe inspiring to see her clients heal from cancer completely, or to see toxic side effects of chemotherapy requiring regular dressing and causing immobility just fade away, to see tumor simply disappear, and that after the 21 day healing course the individual suffering from a deep psychological phobia and suicidal tendencies, is living a happy and successful life! …And to know that after doing three sessions the toddler who was declared as having no hope of recovery by the attending doctor, sat up on her hospital bed overnight and ate and went home happy and hugging her family again! With Reiki healing such miracles are numerous, and healing is incredibly spontaneous.

      She says, “These are moments when we are reminded of the grace and unparalleled healing power and potential of Reiki, and that there is no condition or situation of negativity that Reiki cannot be applied to. That leaves me in complete awe of this natural noninvasive healing system! Besides health conditions, physical, mental and emotional, Reiki heals difficult life situations, stagnation in relationships, conflicts, work crisis, wealth crisis, removing negative energy blockages and thereby restoring the free and full flow of Universal Life Energy / ‘prana shakti’. Reiki reinstates abundance and attracts resources that bring back abundance in life in terms of creativity, opportunities at work, education, examinations, admissions, meetings, collaborations and interviews.

      REIKI CREATES HEALING AND OPPORTUNITIES wherever it is in your highest interests. All you need to do is to take Reiki sessions regularly for a certain number of days in order to keep the healing process on and unhindered.”


      A few points to note are:

      • Reiki is safe for anyone of any age, very suitable for pregnant ladies and infants too.

      • Reiki can be taken to treat any health condition, no matter how intense, critical or chronic it is.

      • Reiki energizes each cell with optimal levels of Life Energy and thus ensures healing at the very basic level and across all tissues, subtle energies, aura, mind and hormones.

      • Reiki heals at the karmic level, altering cell memory and natural tendencies that the individual has carried across many lifetimes.

      • Reiki complements any and all other systems of medicine, treatments and processes including surgery. Often Reiki taken on a daily basis can eliminate the need for surgery.

      • It is emphasized that medicines be continued even as one takes Reiki sessions, as it actually enhances the healing effects and reduces the harmful side effects of other medicines and treatments.

      White Light Healing Meditation is a short simple ten minute daily healing meditation that was channeled through Sunetra in 2012. Progressively, it took the shape of a beautiful course ready to be passed on to anyone looking for redemption and relief from suffering. Today she feels blessed to have been able to pass this extraordinary healing power and it’s incredibly simple practice to individuals around the globe. They not only practice it everyday but also have experienced the multilevel healing and inner growth of the soul along its spiritual journey. The very presence of the Light brings to the practitioner rapid healing and spiritual development. 

      This course is explained in a shorter version through a White Light Meditation series of books authored by Sunetra. These two books are available on Amazon and other online book portals. The following are the links to the same…

      Book 1



      Book 2



      Sunetra has had a steep spiritual inclination and profound divine connections with the higher consciousness since her teens. Employing these rare alignments she conducts one on one spiritual counseling and guidance sessions that bring direction and insight in situations of conflict, dilemmas and at life’s crossroads. These are one hour sessions wherein she channels Divine Messages of hope, love, peace and affirmations from the higher universal realms, that is, Akashic, the Oracle, the Archangels and the Ascended Masters. Each of these messages holds the inherent power to transform the individual it is meant for. She also publishes daily messages on social media websites bringing relevant insights to people and addressing prevailing issues in the society.

      Love, Light and Reiki to all…


      Akashic Records, Angel Healing, Angelic Card Reading, Angelic Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Chronic Pain and Illness, Counseling, Divine Healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Energy Clearing, Intuitive Energy Healing, Lightbody Surgery, Meditation, Prayer Healing, Reiki, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Advising, Spiritual Consulting, Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Guidance, Stress Management, Tarot Card Divination

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      White Light Healing Meditation Course


      Addiction, Anxiety, Anxiety & Relationship Issues, Anxious, Awakening, Backache, Balance, Balance, Focus & More, Bereavement, Career or Personal Life Blockages, Childhood Trauma, Chilhood Blockages, Chilhood Trauma, Chronic Fatigue, Conflict, Depression, Disease, Eating, Eating Disorders, Fear, Goals, Grief, Guilt, Headache, Healthy Habits, Hopelessness, Illness, Loss. Life Transition, Low Self Esteem, Mindfulness, Mobility, Neck Pain, Non-Loss Grief, Overwhelm, Pain, Pain and much more…, Post-Traumatic Stress, PTSD, Relaxation, Restlessness, Sadness, Self Acceptance, Self Love, Self Worth, Self-Esteem, Shame, Shifting Difficult Patterns, Shock Relief, Sleep Problems, Soft Tissue Injuries, Spiritual and Energetic Blocks, Spiritual Blocks and Disconnection, Spiritual Crisis, Spiritual Detachment, Stress, Trauma

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      Suicidal tendencies, cancer, critical conditions







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