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    • Many apologies for getting back to you so late, Rachel. I do not have an active website but it wasn’t very active so I sought to save myself expenses. Here is my synopsis:
      I have crafted my practice for a decade and have had many clients successful clients throughout. My primary tools are channeling, oracle cards, and real life experience. This is to provide the most accurate and beneficial information, while being capable of providing resources in this 3 dimensional reality for the highest level of success in mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit.

      I have experience in group, as well as individual, settings and am an advocate and educator for mental health. My style of communication is guided by spirit, enlightened by spirit’s message, and made complete with simple, applicable, tools and resources.

        • As far as things I can assist with, I am rather versatile in experienced in many matters whether it’s relationships (in any form), identity, mental health or spiritual struggles, life obstacles, et cetera. I won’t box myself and provide a complete list but do know that my technique is collaborative with spirit and this 3 dimensional reality. I am for the greatest, most reasonable impact, as I do not believe that one’s healing journey must be a hardship at every turn.