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      Try a free service and enjoy our Esoteric and Spiritual Articles!

      Free Intuitive Dream Interpretation | Free Pick of Chakra to Open | Free Healing Blessing [ Email: LegendSpiritualServices@gmail.com ]

      We are a trio of loving psychics who are helping many go through these transformative times, so you can achieve and receive more, become balanced and find your divine path. Bringing clarity and providing wisdom in spiritual experiences that may be confusing are just some of the goals we have in store for our articles. We hope that you enjoy this soul journey, the good and the bad, and find your true peace and balance within.

      Our Team

      Mrs. Christi: As a reiki master, intuitive and energy reader, I have the ability to heal and answer psychic questions. My next chapter is Hypnotherapy, which I am becoming licensed in by early 2021.

      Dr. Gibbs: As a clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient lady I am experienced in remote energy work for blockages/curses, other-dimensional communication and traveling. Certifications include: Doc of Divinity in Healing, Minister.

      Xzavier: As a shamanic coach, I will be providing transcendental experiences and wisdom of the mirror. I perform tarot readings, astrology readings, and will guide those using healing psychedelics. I will be a certified coach by early 2021.


      Abuse Recovery, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Akashic Records, An-Ra Energy Healing, Angel Healing, Angelic Card Reading, Angelic Therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy, Aromatherapy, Art Therapy, Ascension, ASMR, Ayurvedic Healing, Body-Mind Centering, BodyTalk, Bodywork, Brainspotting, Breathing Exercises, Breathwork, Brennan Healing Science, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Natural Nutritionist, Chakra Balancing, Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Chi Nei Tsang, Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic Adjustment, Chronic Pain and Illness, Cognitive Drill Therapy (CDT), Counseling, Couples & Family Counseling, Couples Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Cupping, Cycling Coach, DamselFly Transformative Healing, Dance Therapy, Divine Healing, DNA Activation, Drama Therapy, Drum Healing, EMDR, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Energy Attachments, Energy Clearing, Energy Work, Expressive Arts Therapy, Fairy-Tale Therapy, Family Constellation Therapy, Feldenkrais Method, Generational Curses and Covenants, Grief Coach, Guided Imagery, Hakomi, Health Coaching, Hemi-Sync Technique & Binaural beats, Herbal Healing, Homeopathy, Horticultural Therapy, House/Land Clearings, HPT technology homeostasis, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, IFS (Internal Family Systems) Coaching, Inner Child Healing, Intuitive Card Reader Certification, Intuitive Energy, Intuitive Energy Healing, Intuitive Usui & Karuna Ki Reiki, Kambo, Karmic Understanding and Release, Kinesiology, Life Coach, Life Coaching, Lightbody Integration, Lightbody Surgery, Lymphatic Drainage, Mandala Therapy, Marriage & Family Therapy, Massage Therapy, Meditation, Mediumship, Mediumship Readings & Astral Travel, Metaphysical Hypnosis, Metaphysical Practitioner, Mindfulness Meditation, Motivational Therapy, Movement Therapy, Music Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuromuscular Reeducation, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Past Life Regression, Physical Mental Emotional Pain & Illness, Physiotherapy, Play Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Pranic Healing, Prayer Healing, Present and Past Life Trauma, Professional Coaching, Progressive Relaxation, Psychic Clearing, Psychic Protection & Removals, Psychoanalysis, Psychological Transformational Games, Psychotherapy, Quantum Energy Healing, Quantum Touch, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Reflexology, Regression Therapy, Reiki, Reiki Drum, Reiki Practitioner, Relationship Coaching, Relationship Restoration, Relocation Therapy, Resonance Rapattterning, Restorational Therapy, Sand Play, Sensory Deprivation, Sex Therapy, Sexual Assault Recovery, Shamanic Illumination, Shamanism, Shiatsu, Sophrology, Soul Retrieval, Soul-Based Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing, Spiritual Acceleration, Spiritual Advising, Spiritual Consulting, Spiritual Contracts, Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Detachment for Donor Organ Recipients, Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual Life Coaching, Spiritual Release Therapy, Spiritual Response Therapy, Strategic Intervention Coaching, Stress Management, Tai Chi/Qigong, Tarot Card Divination, The Wonder Method, Tibetan Medicine, Touch Therapy, Transcendental Dowsing, Trauma Recovery, Trauma-Informed Coaching, Vibrational Medicine, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Vibroacoustic Therapy, Virtual Reality, WaveForm, Yoga


      Addiction, Adrenal Fatigue, Anxiety, Anxiety & Relationship Issues, Anxious, Awakening, Backache, Balance, Balance, Focus & More, Being and Doing, Bereavement, Bipolar Disorder, Burnout, Career or Personal Life Blockages, Childhood Trauma, Chilhood Blockages, Chilhood Trauma, Chronic Fatigue, Conflict, Delusion, Depression, Diabetic Neuropathy Stability, Disease, Eating, Eating Disorders, Fear, Goals, Grief, Guilt, Headache, Healthy Habits, Hopelessness, Hypomania, Illness, Infertility, Loss. Life Transition, Low Self Esteem, Mindfulness, Mobility, Neck Pain, Non-Loss Grief, Overwhelm, Pain, Pain and much more…, Past Life Trauma, Physical Mental Emotional Pain & Illness, Plantar Fasciitis, Post-Traumatic Stress, PTSD, Range of Motion, Reconnection, Relaxation, Restlessness, Sadness, Self Acceptance, Self Love, Self Worth, Self-Esteem, Shame, Shifting Difficult Patterns, Shock Relief, Sleep Problems, Soft Tissue Injuries, Spiritual and Energetic Blocks, Spiritual Blocks and Disconnection, Spiritual Crisis, Spiritual Detachment, Stress, Stubborn Weight Loss, Trauma






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