• HgH Integrative Aromatics posted an update 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    I was asked today what sets me apart in my industry! Check out my response below!

    “ Being specialized in natural health care is something I take very seriously. Being able to provide sage advice to others as a certified herbalist and aromatherapist both, makes sense to me. The two healing arts are each so unique and yet so interlinked!

    Being qualified to take that advice a step further and physically select individual ingredients components, then prepare personalized natural health and personal care items fills me with purpose and passion. As a botanical chemist and formulator I analyze unique health histories and sets of health goals and provide preparations to enhance daily living and improve quality of life. This is a multi-faceted approach and a service that not many are educated and qualified for.

    Helping others achieve everyday wellness and improved quality of life through natural healing arts is my passion. It’s what drives me!”

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