• Benjamin Eisenstein Miller posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    My girlfriend’s 33-year-old brother is in the ICU, hanging on by a thread, due to organ-failure occasioned by chronic meningitis. The doctors’ have tried everything over the past several days. He was sedated until today and unfortunately hasn’t regained consciousness yet. I’ve been soliciting prayers and donated to a Buddhist network, securing 21 candles and sacred healing mantra chanting spread across several temples. I’ve also suggested that my girlfriend place headphones over his ears and play him some of his favorite songs. In addition to asking for your blessings directed toward a much-beloved legend here in New Delhi, I’d like your input. I would ask you to comment below with your holistic healing suggestions but the commenting feature of our website is currently broken. Instead please email me at ben@healersmagazine.com.