Meditation: Chicken Soup for the Soul

October 3, 2018

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I write this so heavily. As I write, I realize this message is perceived and realized in so many ways. As humans, we read what we read and interpret the way we interpret based off of how we feel in that moment. Lately, I think nearly everyone has felt a metaphysical pressure of some kind or had some kind of “moment.” I have. I’ve reminded myself that everyone’s truth is not the same. We all have a story to tell. Nor does everyone love the same, and that’s really quite a beautiful thing. Really I’m here now to tell you that I’m thankful you’re reading. I want to share insight as a yoga teacher, holistic practitioner, and movement artist.

In light of the season shifting, let things go. What doesn’t serve you, it’s okay. You CAN let it go. You can, interestingly enough, allow it to be harvested. The reference there is to Autumn/Fall. Get it? I just have to refresh you readers, and tell you: this is life. This is all cyclical. The ebb and flow is real. But, there are tools to cope and return to inner stillness throughout the chaos or disorder of the day and age. Your soul really waits for you there in “that place.”

A bright collage with a heart and two birds, one black and one white, kissing.

“Wisdom” by Bodhi Simpson

While meditation continues to try and be monetized, I can tell you, that it is damn free and one of the most freeing, liberating things a human being can do. Meditation though, should be valued as something sacred. Not something of a cultural trend, no. The “New Age” stuff I see applied to meditation is hilarious:

Meditation: It’s nothing. It’s everything. It should be without definition, as it cannot fully be defined. It is a peak into the shadow of the self, and if practiced for long enough, a fullblown disclosure of your subconscious. It is from the nothing clarity is provided. Meditation is the rhythm, it is the music. It is the chirping of a cricket, the sound of water running, the rustling of green leaves as wind lightly blows through the treetops. The idea of meditation is calm harmony. It is sitting on the ground, allowing all that is to come through you without judgement. It’s seated patience. It’s ancient. Scientifically, it is the AUM/OM that, when in resonance to the true frequency of Earth, allows our biological suit and mind to operate at a higher caliber. It is AUM/OM that traditionally unlocks the pineal gland. The pineal gland, as Rene Descartes puts it, is the “seat of the soul.”

Meditation is a decluttering of the mind. Let’s look around today in the modern world: mega corporations, massive corruption, greed, lust. We’re so influenced by the external, and continually us humans forget to pull our answers internally. Meditation is not for escapism, it is meant to really face and address the problems of the day. Meditation encourages individuality, as it forces you to be with yourself for a while. The status quo doesn’t really like individuality all that much.

Look, the individual within the collective can conform to the collective, the hive mind. But, do we really want to participate in the collective mind thought’s debauchery all the time? I do not. SO STRENGTHEN YOUR MIND, STRENGTHEN YOUR SOUL. A coping tool is breathing coupled with movement or breath accompanied with stillness. As above, so below, as within, so without, as the soul so, so the universe. That is a hermetic teaching. If I’m feeding my mind and body with junk, then that reflects into the environment, doesn’t it?

If nothing else, sit down and breathe for a while, perhaps on the grass, grounded firmly with the spine erect. Pay attention to the rise and fall of breath. Feel into its nuances. When you breathe rhythmically sitting down, you’re in a parasympathetic state. This is the equivalent of a nonreactive state, and so much of this world is operating in that reactive, sympathetic state. Practicing breathing (pranayama) ten to fifteen minutes a day is a great way to start a meditation practice. Your body will thank you for that oxygen.

Operate and act in love, even when it seems too assertive or astute. Set your boundary. You will benefit from it.

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2 years ago

I love every bit of this!

2 years ago

I myself am looking for stillness and your words are filled with so much wisdom and truth. I never looked at meditation the way you put it. But now it all makes sense. When I listen to a good song, when I hike, when I say dream. That’s all it is. It’s meditation.

Cheers to you Lance. This is beautifully written!

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