Living in a World of Possibility: Emotional Freedom Techniques

October 5, 2017

A painting of a hand reaching out to another one.
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You’ve tried everything you know to do, but you still can’t shake the pain, the self-doubt, the anger, the fear. And yet, you want to.

The truth is, you can.

“But how?” you wonder. Realize, first of all, that we live in a world of possibility…a world within which our potential to create is limited only by our ability to conceive. To imagine. To change our perception.

Need proof? Look around: Ideas that have taken wing and become what we once called “inventions” are everywhere. The bed you sleep in, the TV, the cell phone, the device on which this article is being written and read. All of these inventions are now commonplace in modern culture, yet every single one began with a thought. An idea. To invent means to create something that has never existed before. Without Thomas Edison and his ideas, would we have the electric light bulb, the motion picture camera, the phonograph or the stock ticker?

A painting of a hand reaching out to another one.

Untitled by Christina Cobb

Where do inventions come from? We are taught that God created the world with a word. According to one definition, the word “word” means, “that which is unseen.” Out of the unseen—out of a possibility existing in the unseen as an idea or a thought—the world was created. We are taught that we are made in God’s image: Christ said that we can do what He has done and more. That means that each and every one one of us has the potential to create a world, a life in which we can create whatever we have the skill and means to create.

Stop. Feel the power of that statement.

The Buddha said that we are what we think, and what we think about grows; if we want a life of abundance—a world filled with love and joy, with health and happiness—our thoughts must grow in that direction. See it. Feel it.

How? With action. Movement. An idea without an action is like a seed that has never been planted. We trust that when we plant a seed in the earth and water it, it will grow. Following our ideas also requires trust, trust in an abundant universe that wants only what is best for us. We must trust in the spirit that “gave” us the thought, and allow it to guide our actions.

For many of us, our ability to trust has been broken. We have been disappointed, abused or betrayed. Our innate ability to trust has been affected. We struggle with painful memories. Our self-esteem is nowhere to be found. Given that we live in a world of possibility, could that unhappy perception of ourselves undergo a shift?

What if you could finally reach and even exceed your goals? What if all you really needed was a way to clear the doubt, the anger, the fear, the beliefs that are keeping you stuck? What if you could make different choices? And have different outcomes?

Perhaps you’ve assumed that it’s just not possible.

But what if I told you that while you may be right about a lot of things, you are dead wrong about that? And that thousands of happy people will back me up?

In truth, the possibility of transforming your experience, as well as your capacity for joy and happiness, literally rests at the tip of your fingers.

Around the world, people have experienced the healing power of EFT—Emotional Freedom Techniques—often referred to as Tapping. Tapping your fingers on certain meridians or energy centers on the body while recalling painful, unpleasant or traumatic experiences has the power to neutralize their negative effects.

Perhaps you will appreciate the power of EFT through the following example of a client I worked with several years ago. Marian, a woman in her mid-50s, called to determine if I could help get her off the steroids she had been on for two years. She was struggling with both the debilitating effects of the steroids and the ever-present sensitivity in her upper arms and thighs. When I suggested that the majority of physical issues and illnesses have an emotional cause, she immediately agreed, saying that her physical troubles began two years after learning that her brother had been murdered.

When she arrived in my office for her first session, she told me that her nerve endings were so raw that she could barely touch her own upper arms and thighs. From our phone conversation, we knew what the likely underlying issue was. As she held the trauma of her brother’s murder in mind, we began tapping. One round of Tapping generally takes between 15 to 60 seconds. After the very first round, I invited her to touch her upper arms. The shock of what happened next brought us both to tears! As she gingerly placed her hands on her upper arms, she discovered with each successive squeeze that she could now touch her arms with no pain! “That’s it?” she exclaimed. We continued Tapping until she could press firmly on her thighs.

I saw Marian for several more months as we worked on some disturbing early-childhood experiences she’d had. She phoned me a month or so after our work together and reported that she was now off the steroids, and had just experienced her first massage in two years! Such is the power of EFT/Tapping! Whether you’re carrying the agony of a bad breakup, a horrific accident, an abusive parent, the effects of wartime* or other trauma, EFT is an effective and painless way to end the hurt permanently without re-experiencing the trauma.

Once the more deeply held and subconscious traumas—those that are more challenging to work on without the help of a practitioner—are cleared, you are able to tap on yourself to relieve the momentary stresses, fears and anxieties that come up as a result of living in the world.

*The VA (Veterans Administration) has just approved EFT as an effective method for clearing the effects of PTSD

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