Integrating Divergent Healing Practices

March 12, 2021

A painting of a bookshelf with the word "indivisible" behind them.
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Millions are infected and many of them are dying. Why? COVID-19 has left us scratching our heads.

We find that even the best healthcare facilities and medical systems are not able to prevent its spread. Despite the availability of the best technologies and best lifestyle facilities, our body and immune system are not fit to face infections. The world is struggling to find a solution.

Some questions to address here:

  • Are we moving in the right direction or are we missing something?
  • Are there some shortcomings in our healthcare system?


Over-dependence on a single system of medicine has broken the backbone of human health. Today, people across the world are largely dependent on the allopathic approach. It is to be understood that all the available systems of healthcare have their share of advantages as well as disadvantages. None is perfect, or could claim to cure all diseases, yet each one can help and even cure some. The solution primarily lies in an inclusive path of health wherein drawbacks and limitations of every system are accepted and worked upon.

A painting of a bookshelf with the word "indivisible" behind them.

“Visible” by Mikele Rauch

Let’s trace today’s health scenario back to historical periods.

The Industrial Era

During modernity there was rapid urbanization, an acceleration in life undermining society’s ability to be mindfully intentional. The demand for quick-fix solutions for the novel emergencies of the urban world became a necessity. This led to the evolution and proliferation of the allopathic system of medicine for emergency management. Our crisis lifestyle found a friend in crisis medicine, and it continues to do so. But the fact is that today, non-emergencies and chronic diseases are what drain out the strength of our body, weaken the immune system, and make it susceptible to all kinds of diseases.

The Present Era

In this day, our compulsive lifestyles are driving us crazy. It is observed that our body’s innate capability to keep itself immune is declining day by day. The mind-body healthcare system of Ayurveda says that building up immunity is a step-by-step, systematic process in which the body and mind are pacified, from time to time, supporting immunity. This is for us to introspect upon: if we are failing to provide this essential time and space for our mind-body system, what do we expect?


The world will require a major revolution in the health sector. Blind acceptance of the one-sided version of any system of healthcare does not provide the correct answers. Putting aside short-term gains, the world needs to open up to other systems of healthcare. For this, it becomes the duty of professionals of the respective healthcare systems to make people around them aware about their systems. Our health sector is quite fragmented and complex today, so integration of multiple systems of healthcare is the way forward. Let’s put the segregation of modalities behind us. The foundation of this integration has to be laid today. This is best takeaway we can take from COVID-19 and can leverage it to prepare ourselves for the future.


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