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I Am Enough

March 4, 2019

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Today I had to remind myself again that I am Amazing! That I am Strong! That I am Brave! That I am Wonderful! Many times, I feel that I still need to go so far, to reach this, do this, attain that to be more perfect, to be better, to become something. It is a lie! A big fat lie!

If we must wait until everything is perfect in our lives, we can just go and die. Seriously, if I must wait to be in the perfect place, have the perfect husband or partner, have perfect kids, have the perfect job or work, have the perfect friends, have the perfect wardrobe, have the perfect vacations etc., I will wait my whole life and not enjoy a moment of it!

We must learn to live in the NOW! That is all there is, nothing else! We must accept some things today as it is to enjoy this moment! Sure, we have dreams and things to reach for, but we must know how to enjoy now! Waiting till everything is perfect to enjoy life will be sad. You will be missing out on all the beautiful things life has to offer you today!

We must open our eyes, have the will to see the beauty in our everyday lives. We become accustomed to our settings, our relationships, our job or business. We are so used to looking with the same eyes that we miss all the small diamonds we receive each day! A smile from a lover, a child’s laughter, a beautiful tree or flower, a friendly stranger at the market, the sun shining, the raindrops creating beautiful paths on the window.

If we can start to zoom in, focus on these small special gifts each day we will become more thankful, joyful and be more contend. The world outside wants to show us a picture of how everyone else’s lives are perfect via social media. Don’t be fooled, everyone has issues and battles. To some it may seems trivial, to some it is huge, the fact is, it is there.

Though we need to change and though we will and want to get things that are perfect, we need to enjoy the ride, the destination is just a short stop, the journey is where we learn, see and enjoy!

Knowing this I can truly say; Just for Today I am Enough…I have Enough…and you too are Enough!

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