How to Meet Your Spirit Guides and Angels

October 1, 2018

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Did you know that before you were born Spirit assigned you hyperdimentional beings to protect and assist you through your earthly travels? What a testimony to how much you’re loved!

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“Flowing Under” by Melody Cleary

Did you also know that for the most part they can’t aid you without your explicit consent? When’s the last time you talked with or even asked for their help?

Many times when I intuitively look at people’s energetic landscape, I see the angels in the background waiting, twittering their thumbs.

Many of us go way too long and, to top it off, in typical human behavior we try to muscle the hard knocks all by ourselves.

How great would it be to have our guides work behind the scenes on the spiritual/energetic realms for the greatest good? They could remove blocks around financial abundance, aid you in getting that job you always wanted, in finding and staying in more healthful relationships, in fulfilling your purposes, in healing that wound, in finding the right resources and support, and on, and on, and on.

Connecting with your spirit guides is as easy as saying hello and asking them to hang out. At first you may not feel any difference, but rest assured they heard your request and are more close by.

Thank them for their work. They love that! Then put them to work. This helps them feel useful and allows them to fulfill their purpose. Ask them to help you with this situation or that. Then thank them again.

However, before you begin asking your guides to hang out with you, please note that not all hyperdimensional beings are your guides and wish you well. In fact some are tricksters pretending to be helpful. They have their own agenda. Be discerning.

If you ask God to only allow beings that are His/Her sent, you can relax. God’s angels always work on behalf of the highest good and have no agenda. Lucifer’s agents, on the other hand, are cunning and would try to seduce you into the ego and material pleasures—to believe in delusion and separation. At first it’s very seductive, but it always ends in more suffering. Thankfully it’s easy to tell the difference between malicious spirits and God’s angels. Your inner consciousness will worn you—it’ll sound the alarms. It’ll say, “are you sure…?” Listen.

Here’s a ceremony to meet your spirit guides, that are in your best and highest good to work with. As always, feel free to change up the wording according to your orientation and what feels best for you. Also, be patient. As stated before, at first you may not feel or notice anything. This is normal. But often with an open mind, over time you’ll be able to sense them. Even if you don’t, know that with your consent they are working on your behalf.

You can began by being in a quite location. Under a full moon can be a powerful time, but isn’t necessary. Night seems to work best as the veils between the earth and spirit realms are thinner.

If you like, you can light a candle, representing calling in the Light and illumination of God’s helpers…

Then set an intention. Here is an example:

“Dear God, if it’s in my best and highest good, I would oh so love to meet and consciously work with the spirit guides You assigned me. Please enhance my ability to hear and sense their guidance; which is Your guidance through them. Please surround me with Your blessed Angels and protect me from any inappropriate beings. May they pray for me and protect me. Only allow your Angels around me, and again dear God, please help me to work with them in ways that are only for Your glory. May they help me with my relationships, career, finances, health, life purpose, and spiritual development. If it’s according to Your will, oh Lord, may they also help me with ________________. I ask for this or something better. And so it is. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Then be still and listen. Don’t try to force anything or think about anything. Simply notice any sensations. Those sensations may be them…

If you don’t feel your guides at this point, you can yet again invoke them:

“Dear God, send the right Angels/spirit guides to work on Your behalf for me now and forever. Only God sent, spirit guides that are in my best and highest good, please come and be with me now. I am listening and wanting to work with you. Thank you.”

Again, stay still and listen. Focus on your breath and your inner experiences. Stay in this space for as long as needed or desired. You may feel a presence or not. Either way, I invite you to began a dialogue with your spirit guides.

You can:

  • say hello.
  • ask them a question or two (don’t talk too much).
  • ask them if they have anything in particular they want to share with you.
  • ask them for assistance.
  • say thank you.
  • ask them what their names are and what they would like you to do to better help them help you.

My guides really love a clean home with flowers, incense, and crystals. They say this is not only more pleasant for them to be around, but that it also increases the vibration in my home making it easier for them and me to meet on the spirit plane in order to communicate.

As you may be able to tell, spirit guides can be silly and have personalities. If they ever tell you what to do in a dis-empowering way, or make you feel bad, stop working with them immediately. God’s sent angels have been to a spiritual academy to learn how to empower and steer you in the right get direction without interfering with your free will. Passed over ancestors or other beings most likely haven’t graduated from that school and thus should not be consulted without this understanding.

If at this point you still don’t feel them, don’t worry. You can ask them to send you a gentle and clear sign in the next 48 hours, to answer a question or to confirm their presence. Their presence may feel different for everyone. It may be a chill, a knowing, a thought, a feeling, external signs, etc. It’s often quiet, subtle, and comforting. It should always be a positive experience meeting with your guides.

My guides explained to me that they were really an aspect of me from the future coming to help me out here…so if you don’t feel them as separate but instead as your inner wisdom, that’s good too! It’s all about what works best for you. Just trust your Higher Self (which is God individuated) above all else (even the guides).

That said the guides can bring magic and comfort to you during any situation. They are a constant support system. While God can not directly intervene on your behalf, because S/He is One and cannot separate, S/He does send angels as heavenly messengers and as in-between conveyors like a telephone line.

So how about it? Tonight are you going to have a conversation with your spirit guides? Tell me how it goes!

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David J Niekamp
2 years ago

The last four years I’ve been asking my guides to help me and it works. But they help me in a different way, not the way I expected. For example I asked for another job…becoming a full-time massage therapist/healer (I was born with a gift). I was to afraid to leave my job because of the rent, etc. but just when it was starting to seem impossible it all worked out. So when things go wrong in your life… it doesn’t have to be so stressful and it’s the way your angels work for you to get you what you… Read more »

Kari Halvorson
Kari Halvorson
2 years ago

Hello David,

What a beautiful testimony! Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed your idea around how they can help us even when things aren’t going our way…

Bernard S. Siegel, MD
Bernard S. Siegel, MD
2 years ago

My spirit guide, met in a meditation the first time, has been seen by several people standing by me when I have lectured and he decides what I say.

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