How to Cope with Anxiety

January 29, 2021

An abstract mixed-media piece with a dark chasm horizontally and a golden sphere in the middle.
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What is anxiety? Anxiety can be classified as sudden panic attacks or chronic experiences of stress. Basically, anxiety features repeated patterns of stress that have been affecting our societies more than before over the past decade or so. Very often we keep hearing that stress is the go-to answer from medical professionals when there is no real cause or cure discovered and the patient’s overall health keeps deteriorating. That got me to a point of definition below based on my experiences with my clients:

Anxiety is a mental, emotional, and physical distress that makes an individual feel and think that they are unable to hold themselves within their physical body together and move through their day-to-day activities in normal ways. Basically it’s a show-stopper for normal functioning of the brain and body.

When we say mental, emotional, physical distress we are breaking it down into different frequencies, making it more understandable for different personalities, because the way anxiety is experienced varies from person to person. The variation is based on the individual’s energy body and human design, which in turn stem from the essence of their soul. That variation we know as personality, combined with accumulation of personal experiences energies plus the environmental factors. It’s a big formula! New-age definitions are still coming together.

That said, everyone’s symptoms of anxiety are different. However, they are common physical signs such as:

  • Racing hearts
  • Dizziness
  • Changes in the blood pressure
  • Shaking legs
  • Inability to focus on a single thought
  • Breathing changes
  • Body starts to get tingly sensations
  • The person feels they are losing themselves in the moment and are not able to get hold of anything
  • Headaches, extreme mental pressure, and heaviness or buzzing in the head

This mental, emotional, and physical pattern is the result of an energy imbalance in an auric field and malfunctions in the various chakras that result in the above.

What is the cause and why are we seeing more and more of these symptoms in our era? This goes back to our evolution and how our societies and choices evolved collectively, how technology and machinery influenced the ways we interact, communicate, think, work, and behave as human beings. We can think of us malfunctioning as a whole, and those who are more sensitive experience these symptoms of shifts and changes more frequently. However, there are still personalized strategies to cope, fight, and alleviate anxiety and lessen it over time to develop a stronger personal shield of light to prevent it from entering and affecting the auric field as much. Over time, when the old patterns that used to cause anxiety recur, the power of them will be gone and won’t affect the person as much. The more we develop a stronger sense of self that’s purposeful, the more we will be able to fight back against what we feel we are not able to control.

An abstract mixed-media piece with a dark chasm horizontally and a golden sphere in the middle.

“Opening Portal” by Judith Cooper

The first step to start developing the personal shield is to figure out where your anxiety is coming from. The next question is how do we do that? And that brings me to my point of developing a higher level of understanding and awareness of the overall circumstances that are triggers.

Meditation is a basic go-to place for developing higher awareness toward yourself and others. Meditation is a very basic tool, a vessel, a safe place where you are able to sit with yourself and your problems and assess and analyze the situation to find the answers to what is in your life that makes you fearful, scared, anxious. As you are meditating into your fears, as they are coming up inside your meditation, you start understanding them more and you start figuring out their root causes.

By continuous focus and deeper meditation into fighting those channels with your light, you not only understand them and yourself more, but you also understand the coping strategies that slowly start to present themselves. The answers will come to you in terms of how you should deal with sources of anxiety. Why is it happening? What modifications do you need to make to your choices? The more you are able to sit with the resource that’s causing anxiety inside your meditation, the more you will be able to gain your strength and your power, and the more that resource loses its strength over you. So it’s a win-win situation. It’s very important to ask for light inside your meditation and focus on God, higher powers, and angels as you are navigating your pathways inside your meditation, which is just a spiritual space above the physical space we live in.

The personalized coping strategies that you figured out for yourself are going to be the helping light energies the next time the trigger presents itself. The next time you get bullied, you get yelled at, you have an argument with your partner, you see someone who doesn’t make you feel comfortable. And the next time your boss asks you for too much, you will know how to handle it. You will know how to handle these situations with the right words, tone, voice, and you will manage them better.

Meditation as a daily practice is useful not just when you get anxious. It is one of the great ways to calm the body and mind in order to develop more understanding and control over time, so the next time you experience a panic attack you know how to pause to process emotions and thoughts, and release into the air those negative energies that are causing chakra imbalance. Let them all go!

Things like stressful work environments, ongoing family issues, toxic friendships, repeated pattern of childhood traumas, relationship problems, loss and grief, life-changing events like becoming a new parent, worries of managing finances or getting a job are common resources of negativity. When they become overbearing they can trigger a negative pattern that’s filled with hopelessness. Meditation is a prevention that provides better choices for your tomorrow along with a positive intention-setting mechanism to cope with stress and become stronger. Remember it’s important for you to hold the light and ask for it inside your practice.

My suggestion to you would be that next time you get anxious and you don’t know how to cope with all the shenanigans, take a pause then take deep breaths for a couple of seconds, shake it off, move your body, and then come back to the problem you are trying to solve. Good luck.

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