What to Do When You’re Feeling Helpless and Hopeless

March 25, 2021

Artwork showing a woman in darkness before an bright wall with many edges.
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Dearest hearts we understand that you’re feeling lost and alone during this time of crisis. Since this experience is something new for all, you may feel as though there’s no clear path to follow. Unfortunately, that thinking leads to a sense of helplessness which, in turn, leads to a sense of hopelessness. We’re here to remind you that none of you are ever truly alone. None of you are without love and none of you are without support. What many of you are without is the awareness of all that you do have. Let us remind you that none of you can do or say something so damaging that you would be without the love and support of your your creator. This, however, does not mean your actions will be without consequences. Rather, it is simply a statement of perpetual truth. It is impossible to completely disconnect from the loving support of your god. Even if you turn your back on that love, it will continue unchanging, waiting for you to turn around and open your heart.

So why are you feeling helpless and hopeless when you have this magnificent and unlimited support? Simply because you’ve forgotten that it’s there. You’ve judged yourselves and found them to be lacking and you’ve asked yourselves, “What would I do with a group of fearful, ungrateful and disobedient children who’ve forgotten they’re loved and supported?” And you’ve answered, “I’d leave them to figure it out on their own. That would teach them a few things.” However, this is not the way of the Divine. Punishment is the way of the unenlightened and you are the children of a beneficent and all-loving Creator so this line of thinking is of no value. What is of value is the understanding of who the Creator is to you. Once you truly understand what you are and what’s available it’s our hope that you will put aside the silly fears and despair that drive you and return to loving and living a life of abundance that feels good.

God (also known as Goodness) occupies, interacts with and has knowledge of only that which is like itself. Therefore, everything that’s good, uplifting and expansive is of God and should be pursued. Anything that’s negative, fear-based and limited is a product of your free-will imagination and is not a real aspect of your life experience. This means that you’re in control. You’re not helpless and since you’re not, you have no reason to be hopeless. You do, however, have a need to be responsible because God does not dictate your world or your experiences. God sees you as a brilliant creator and because they know their support is ongoing and complete they offer every person an opportunity to fully examine their world. You have free will to interact with the light (expansion that feels good) as well as the darkness (hopelessness and defeat). You’ve been given the opportunity to engage with complete safety and with the absolute assurance that your energetic being will continue despite any change to your physical body. Life is eternal, while the physical experience is temporary.

Artwork showing a woman in darkness before an bright wall with many edges.

“Complexity” by Trishna Patnaik

Now, let us examine some practical ways in which you can open to the ongoing love and guidance from the Divine. First, get off the couch, get out of the chair and away from your devices. Most of you have been coping with the inactivity and fear of the unknown by burying yourselves in mindless matter while stuffing yourselves full of food. Let go of both of these coping mechanisms by committing to getting outside for thirty minutes every day. Engage in the level of physical activity of which you’re capable but get moving and keep going. Then while you’re out start looking around. Nature is a wonderful healer. Nature is a wonderful teacher. None of the plants or animals spend their days wondering how to make ends meet. They trust their Creator. You must also learn to trust by getting away from what’s wrong and stepping into alignment with all that’s right and all that feels good. So get up, get going and start looking around you at the natural bounty and affluence.

Once you’ve returned home don’t immediately head for a distraction. Instead, take an additional thirty minutes and spend this time looking within. Your central point of being and your connection with the Divine is located within the heart center. It’s time to remember and reconnect with the Source of all. Begin by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath. There’s no need to rush and there’s nothing to accomplish. Just breathe deeply and completely with your eyes closed. Now, allow your attention to be concentrated on the heart. Breathing gently in and out, allow yourself to experience the peace of letting go. As you sit in this quiet place of stillness begin letting go of the thoughts and feelings that are heavy, hurtful or scary. When they come to mind release them. Consciously and deliberately allow thoughts that are negative to be released. Continue to breathe deeply and as you let go of negative thoughts turn your attention toward well-being and again, with conscious deliberation and deep healing breaths, choose to put your attention on thoughts that feel good. As you feel the peace rise within, allow yourself to feel renewed and restored. Take this feeling of well-being with you throughout your day by staying present to your thoughts and feelings. Deliberately choose only those thoughts and feelings that are positive and uplifting. Instead of giving away your power, stay in alignment with the Divine by reminding yourself throughout the day, “I am safe and loved.” With this true statement you free yourself from fear and honor yourself with love.

Every one of you is loved and supported. None of you have been lost, forgotten or abandoned but you must align with this truth and release all false statements of danger. Instead of laying around feeling helpless you must take action and return to alignment where all you could ever hope to receive is waiting. Let go of feeling helpless and reach within so you may return to a state of wholeness.

Guided Healing Meditation to Release Negativity

Please enjoy this beautiful guided meditation with the angels that will help you release all negative thoughts, fears, pain and limiting beliefs so that you’re free to receive and fill with unconditional love, joy and peace.


Leave your worries behind and find love, joy and peace.


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