From the illusion and back an observation in the trip

April 27, 2021

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As one who serves as a vessel for healing energy to pass through her and a very isolated though in the city Shaman, the fridge dweller nature of observation, observation nature just has to come out.
Am unusual but though I can not see clearly in the physical I do see a lot in other ways.
From the illusion to the trip and back to life.

Out of all the words I could come up with, naive, childish and in denial were never words or ways with which I thought I would describe the Humans/the humanity that I am a part of.
Not really.
Others have used other words that they had in their vocabulary more related with anger and violence or superiority. Man is selfish, a parasitic being or wonderful, amazing, man is genius or man is this or that.
We have had brilliant men in history. We have been gifted, wise words by fellow humans throughout history. Words that steered us, that served us and that helped us exceed our limits, pulling us with them into other areas within our humanity.
There have been men & women who have told tales with emotions, observations, teachings and recorded their history while recording ours, in stick figures, cuneiform, hieroglyphics and clay.
We can not say that we do not have any idea of who and what we are, at least when it comes to the physical. The scientific evidence goes way back enough that we get enough intel
Even if another more advanced species ever touched us, even if multiple layered possible realities. We must accept what we are and not forget where we at least know .that we came from.
We have cave drawings depicting our daily struggles and realities. Manuscripts and temples tell us of all the miraculous and all that we have been capable of for our Gods, beliefs and our ever changing values.
We have what we call “historical”  concentration camps.
We have medieval torture devices, we have ancient recorded  treasures of such historical value. Priceless.
Would not be a word I would have guessed that I would use to describe us at this point.
But it’s either Naive, insane (as Einstein said to repeat the same mistake over and over be crazy), stupid or pure evil. To continue after I catch my breath.
We know that we are all different and look different, believe in different things yet some still expect our God to look like his, or hers.
We expect theirs to look like ours. As if a woman in Asia who was around in 1400, 1500 would be able to imagine the Roman looking Virgin Mary for her goddess?
Doesn’t even make sense, some of our things we cling to, we not only cling to but cling to like 2yr olds. What doesn’t make sense is our expectations of making or having to make others see & feel how a small group within the 7.8 billion feels or sees and by that I don’t mean the concept of our Gods, our Gods are great necessary threads in our fabric and perhaps the whole fabric itself, no, I mean our clinginess to our ways knowing damn well we all perceive differently.
We are human. News flash,we all have the survival instinct built in.
Humankind  is not meant to be dominated.
And as the highest within itself at the perspective of the collective it is meant to dominate together.
Over the planet. A protective dominance using all that was and still is within the system to keep raising the Earth to her highest potential.
No human is worth any more than another.
To place a value on a man’s life is not the same as placing value on what a man or woman did with his life and for the collective.
But the *Conquering Each other* is ludicrous because we each have the survival instinct built in.
So, it’s silly to expect that to go in any way besides ⬇️ south.
Domination can be experienced in healthier ways. Like that of the self.
Oh perhaps it would have been somewhat possible at 1 billion residents of our little blue ball but at 7.8 billion, how could any society be still so *closed* minded.
We know for a fact that we all see things in a different way.
We also know that we see things based on our cognitive ability, emotional intelligence and all sorts of other data specific to the situation or circumstances.We perceive things differently.
Yet we can not accept that.
Not really.
The damage the Media does is beyond forgiveable.
Because there are people in the United States that do still live in very isolated areas.
Isolated, segregated and more. There are people around the world that, for example,  even when I recently encountered one beautiful Turkish man he confessed to thinking “miami vice” was how Miami would be. I wondered if he had simply looked at the pretty pictures and missed the fact that it still was a crime show glorifying life styles, brands and fantasy. Crime can be glorified but let’s be adults, the glory or the power that a life of crime can bring always has a very dark nature & side to it.
And no crime is really nice at least that is why we made it, labeled it, a crime.
So the criminals may look beautiful & dolled up in Gucci but they also do things that may hurt people. And that was a mix of what the show was about.
Is Miami like that? Yes and no, yes, it has every beautiful landscape or city scenes shown in the show and yes, you do see Lamborghinis and old men in the Benz top down on their way to the beach side bar where they can be sure to find modelesque gold diggers or exhuberante amounts of Fake Dominican or Colombian made butts & collagen lips.
But does it also have an inner struggle going on? Yes. Very boldly put Miami has Diversity but its also pretty well divided up and segregated very in your face like, all at the same time. Not even Miami is as Diverse as it seems. Does it have diversity? Yes but  you have the Ukrainians in Sunny Isles, the high crime in parts of  South Beach & north beach and the areas where the poor are not seen nor allowed. Sleep on the beach by day tend to money filled party wanting tourists by night. The Spanish rich Venezuelans outside in Doral, the Haitians in north miami city & the spanish, los Cubanos, Sur Americanos, Boricuas, segregated according to nationalities in different parts of the city. You have homelessness, and areas of the city you would not call glamorous but those areas are definitely Miami 💯.
Although the crime is reported and can be found reported online, human nature is to remember things that made them feel better about themselves not worse, to glamorize things or sensationalize taking away the gravity of the situation and adjusting it to the political or general climate of what the news can serve. The news must serve and it must serve those who pay it To.
It sells stories. The shows are glorifications  of our fucked up and no so fucked up perspectives. Which we sell to each other. So if sex sells, we decided that. Together.
The news is for the sponsors not the people. Unless the people also make the news, news, then they too get to pull a string.
In some countries, the variety of interpretations or news channels or media and social channels still can not be seen. Some are therefore even more isolated & kept from the truth.
And many of us know this.
We must do more than know, as conscious bEings, we must understand this, as well. Otherwise fighting it is useless.
We must understand.
In the same way, how Americans are portrayed depends a lot on movies, books & interpretations that depend on how much money was at hand for the visitor or interpreter of the American experience even among Americans themselves.
The America one person experiences is not the America another experiences.
Just like in all the countries in the world.
And …we know this is how it is in that respect as well.
That some parts of our humanity, history and all are manipulated to benefit everything from a sale of toilet paper, a car, to a political candidate in any country.
Interpretations, Media, different perspectives, expectations …
People including ourselves are affected by the way all is interpreted by the sources of information. Just like you can find the high crime in the Black communities you can also find the atrocities that we as a society have done to the black communities, meaning to ourselves as a people.
World wide.
We then,  educate.
We bring up all the knowledge of atrocities done to Women of all races, Native Indian, Blacks, Jews and so many more and we still find ways to make the education of these atrocities a step back versus forward.
The media, the 1%, the powers that be are not going to surrender so much gained when it comes to the matters at hand.
When a population is in fear you can see and manipulate them all the more & better. Do you understand how much money is made off of you? Why change something that is working ….as far as sales at least?
Why allow the manipulators to be the only ones to tell the stories? Why not tell them yourself and why not more importantly live them yourselves?
Why not
just, NOT JUDGE, without knowledge.
Personal knowledge based on acknowledgement of your own cognitive & emotional ability.
Because it’s harder to feel to think, and to come up with solutions than to point a finger & hate.
We educate and actually increase the Fear we educate based on fears of the old to increase the hate or present day fear,  instead of seeing why the atrocities happened & increase the Solutions. Build a new system that prevents the old from happening not by fearing it and preparing for the worst but by solving our differences respectfully.
This making labeled groups is as good as we all going to live in segregated areas around the globe and not accepting that it’s too late. We are all mostly mixed. If not you someone you know. We can not fight what has already happened. If not to you. It has to the world & to us as a collective.
Instead of accepting accountability for our own personal actions, thoughts and fears and resolving them or accepting that a woman is your equal in terms of the value of human life as is that black or caribbean summer sun skinned boy,
We listen to the news. We point fingers and we assume.
If you see how someone can have an opinion or interpretation  passed down to them over & over, generation after generation to where it shapes not only their entire upbringing but also the entire course of that families life and expand it by billions you can begin to embrace the “we are one”.
We are one. But each of us is raised in different conditions, with different powers that be controlling the flow of information, media manipulation will not stop ( they gained too much power to give it up), raised with different beliefs passed on by some that didn’t even truly believe them, among other things, with different mental and  physical capacities and abilities, with different traumas and experiences and we still expect others to cling to others understanding us and to see things our way.
You are not the same as me or not similar enough, stand back.
How? Can we as a society even think like this.
Based on science? Based on genetics? Based on what?
In what minds does the way we operate make sense as a whole?
To still be this Close Minded.
For those that didn’t know Miami has slums, now you know. And in it’s Diversity we still have Segregation.
It is visible if you really see.
We are conscious bEings but we are also Beasts.
We did come from, are capable of a thousand levels of violence. We are also still not even told what the rest of the brain can do. All around us keeps us at a very low level of knowledge.
Most use the internet for finding instant gratification pleasure, dopamine in likes or for repeating something but not taking the time to contemplate they don’t demonstrate learning most things to full understanding.
Most follow very specific waves of Energy.
Collectively grieving.
There is far more to this.
Those just random observations.
Free will.
Some poor bastard realized the gravity of choice.
The observations on cause & effect all based on that, observing.
Observe the self.
We can not create a global change just one.
But we can create a global change one by one together.
The first thing to be addressed faced or confronted be the denial of the Divine Feminine and I will end with that in the realm of very serious observations done in my own way. Yes. I don’t feel there is any time & at the same time there is no time. The delivery of the message though at times too picturesque or rambling is also direct. Oddly enough.
Humankind can not continue denying a part of itself. All is positive and negative. Even in coding there are two main things the coming down to Zero and one.
In balance we grow, we expand.
In lack of balance we thicken, density and sluggish we keep expanding as energy but it’s a bit harder, resistance filled. In the resistance, going against the laws of nature and the nature that we are, we deteriorate. We walk towards extinction holding a saving key or two in your hands.
Saying one sex is better isn’t even possible. Men are stronger yet women can take more, endure more pain. Seems pretty well balanced.
A higher intelligence. Of course. Your consciousness, hers, his, theirs are all communicating with and to all as is everything linked together, energetically and visibly in the whole daily world of things. Manufacturing,industrial, fiber optically, satellite linked, we are linked.
Yeah…nature did it way before with the mycelium.
That higher order, design or just through the process of evolution we have two sexes from none.
Our true essence gender is none
And so respecting the products of the none should not be a question.
The two necessary in keeping our species going.
The two of us.
What you relate to/with or want to look like is not a question. It actually benefits all to see that the life of a woman is equal to that of a man. Because it ensures absolute HUMAN  rights.
Your gender or the using of your free will, have nothing to do with your being deserving of human rights.
But it is hard to embrace that or any Equality until we embrace the reality of what is the Divine Feminine.
The cause & effect action of it is simple karma.
How can we as HumanKind deny a part of ourselves and deem ourselves able to place a value of importance on our genders.
Its naive, ignorance of science or pure evil.
Either way.
One has strength the other endurance of pain, one leads the other nurtures
No need to continue for it all
Humankind is sick in a way.
Out of balance
More to come
In observations
We know
We are conscious so we must act like it.
The man who fears another for no personal reason is believing himself to be weaker or threatened already and that be his true nature that must be strengthened not something he should act upon. For it is already coming from lack. From the negative
The pendulum swings but it swings both ways, to extremes and also seeking balance.
Nature and all
Much love
The Shaman in the cave
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