Ancestral Healing: Free Your Bloodline

May 5, 2021

A collage with a helmet-glad subject and the clippings, "hell, no," "wishing you could be left with more," and "begin a new story."
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Ancestral healing amounts to healing your ancestors from any trauma, unresolved emotional issues, or health problems that they may have passed over from their lifetime here on Earth. This benefits them, us and all of our descendants.

Our ancestors are built from the same DNA as we are. Genes are made up of DNA and carry the information that determines your traits, which are features or characteristics that are passed on to you, or inherited, from your parents. Each cell in the human body contains about 25,000 to 35,000 genes. This is not a science lesson so I won’t go into all aspects of DNA and to be honest, I only know very basic stuff. But it must be explained briefly for you to be able to fully understand why ancestral healing is so profound and important. So I’m going to quote parts of a book by the founder of Theta Healing, Vianna Stibal. She has written many but this is from her seminal work: Theta Healing.

“Genes are the most intricate part of the body. They make up programmes to make sure that everything works. Your DNA consists of 23 chromosomes. Inside each of those pairs is a mechanism that runs over 100,000 functions for each strand of DNA. For every one of the 46 chromosomes, there are two strands of DNA. Over time the cells in your body can become weak and begin to die off. DNA then takes over and gives the cells the signals that they need to re-create themselves. There is an incredible amount of information encoded within each cell of your body. Now here is the mysterious part! Around these strands is a strange field of knowledge called the morphogenic field. This field holds genetic feelings and emotions. It is a field of knowledge that tells DNA to be DNA. It tells a baby’s cells how many legs, how many feet and how many hands, it’s going to have. Within this construct of DNA is a genetic memory that goes back at least 7 generations and in the morphogenic field are belief systems that are holding onto information that has been stored by past generations for centuries. We’re not just physical, we’re mental and spiritual energy as well, and it has been found that many things we do in our lives are not just governed by what we believe, but by what our ancestors believed also. Beliefs can be handed down from generation to generation, from one person’s belief system into another person’s, via the morphogenic field. Genetic level programmes are those that are carried over from our ancestors or added to our genes in this life. As with all programmes, some are beneficial and some are not. Genetic programmes can be removed and replaced and once done so, are likely to be removed and replaced in our future, past and present energetic genetics and those of our siblings, ancestors, parents and extended family.” 

Our brains and bodies hold these memories of the trauma and create a psychological defense mechanism; whenever these memories are triggered, our brains release chemicals to release the “fight, flight, freeze” survival response, and our bodies and minds will act out certain patterns to keep us safe. So if an ancestor experienced any kind of trauma, these same memories and responses would have been created, also limiting beliefs and instinctual behaviors connected to it.

Our brains can bear the records of traumatic events experienced by anyone in the bloodline, passed down generation after generation. There is also an ancestral pattern that we carry. They are called The Seven Karmic Shadows and they are written into the history of our families. Each bloodline will be carrying one of them, either now in the present or in the past. They are:

  • Abuse
  • Addiction
  • Violence
  • Poverty
  • Illness
  • Abandonment
  • Betrayal

If you think back through your family, you will possibly see one of these occurring throughout your generations. This doesn’t have to happen to every single person in your family but it may have affected at least one person per generation.

My main shadow, on my mum’s side, is abandonment. I’m not sure about my great grandparents, but my grandmother, mum, aunt/mum’s sister (before she met her current, lovely husband) and I have all been through this. And we all built up blocks, limiting beliefs and negative patterns, that stemmed from our experiences. What’s more, each of our experiences was almost identical to each other’s in the way that they transpired. I know most people may experience most of these at some point in their lives, I’m not talking about everyday experiences. You’ll notice the difference as Karmic Shadows will affect at least one person per generation (mostly more) and the experience of those will be almost identical to each other. The good thing though is that these, as well as any other traumas, illnesses, limiting beliefs or negative patterns can be removed, repaired; the energetic strands and emotional cording can be released. This will then free you and your whole bloodline, bequeathing major improvements in your life and the lives of your families.

An abstract painting of several obscure figures.

Untitled by Lauralee Sikorski

I want to share one of the ancestral healing sessions I did with my mum with you. I’ll try to keep it short. She transitioned into her soul body when I was six. She had a difficult life and I know that she passed away quite sad and lonely. One of the traumas she experienced was severe heartbreak and lack of love from my father. I won’t go into detail as it’s not my story to tell but she passed away with a broken heart and had many limiting beliefs her self-worth and being loved within a relationship. Now as I said before, our experiences were very similar and I had many of the same issues regarding love, self-love, self-worth and abandonment. For many years, I have been working on all of the above; I am now at a point where I can honestly say I have self-worth, that I love myself unconditionally, and the limiting beliefs I used to have are no longer there within my own belief system—or so I thought.

I don’t want to drag out the story so, again, I won’t go into detail. Through recent experiences, I’ve seen that I must be holding onto the same beliefs that I had previously released and changed, as I’m recreating the same negative pattern. This can sometimes happen, so I did muscle testing to see whether they had come back. They had. I asked if they were my own beliefs and I got a “no.” When I asked if they were ancestral I got a “yes” and found out that they were my mum’s beliefs regarding love and relationships. So they were still present in my DNA and subconscious mind! These may have been the reasons that this pattern of rejection was still showing up in my love life and in other areas too; as when we have blocks in one area, it can affect us in many other areas also.

Energy is energy. It doesn’t have a consciousness to differentiate which part of your life it will affect and which part it will not. So if you have an issue with say “wanting to hide from the world and be invisible,” this will ripple and affect you through love, money, career, friendships, etc.

I decided to do an ancestral healing session for my mother, as it is an amazing thing to do for your loved ones. You free not only them from these lower vibrational energies but, as I said before, you emancipate your whole bloodline.

I met mum in a lush garden on a beautiful sunny day. I sat in my sacred, healing space and started the session. We hugged tightly and she was so happy to see me. I asked for her permission to free her from these painful beliefs and memories and she affirmed. Firstly, I connected with the Divine and called in my spiritual team. We changed the limiting beliefs she was holding onto through Theta Healing® and downloaded positive beliefs and feelings to replace them. All cords were cut and all contracts, vows, oaths, commitments, promises and obligations surrounding love and relationships were completed.

A collage with a helmet-glad subject and the clippings, "hell, no," "wishing you could be left with more," and "begin a new story."

“Art for our Times” by Jennie Kristel

We called her energy and soul fragments back from past, negative experiences and relationships, and did a repairing-of-her-soul healing. I then asked my spiritual team to start the next stage of the healing process. As healing always comes from Source energy and higher Light Beings, I was a mere channel for their energy. Their healing came through me, not from me.

As they were channeling their healing, I got a vision on myself turning into a clear, quartz crystal; as many of you know, it’s the master healing stone—the most powerful—and can work on any condition. They are known as the stones of power and amplify any energy or intention. They also help in connecting you to your higher self, which is whom you connect with when healing.

My mum then started shining so brightly, like a massive beautiful bright star! After a time, I was told that the issue was healed and we all turned to our descendants to heal them. After a couple of minutes, there were many beautiful love hearts of different sizes rising up from them. It was so amazing to witness. This signified that the healing was complete. The healing was turned inwards to me and I was able to feel the complete, unconditional love that was present. I felt so uplifted and tranquil. I thanked all of my team, Source, my higher self and my mum.

We said goodbye. She gave me a message to give to my boys, then she smiled and walked away, still shining so brightly. Once I had come back into my physical body I tested for the beliefs again and they had all changed and were now positive. I just feel so blessed to have been able to witness such a beautiful transformation!

There are many, many benefits to ancestral healing but, for me, the most special part is being able to witness our ancestors healing. The amount of love that is shared and the freedom, and lightness that they become after the healing, is so profound that I can’t put it into words. I have done much work regarding my ancestors and also others’. Each time is so special and the shifts and ripples that the healing creates have been life-changing.

I hope this hasn’t overwhelmed you and has given you an interesting insight into ancestral healing. This is only a small part of it, and only one method. There is so much more to it that will blow you away! It’s just beautiful.

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Drake Eisenstein
1 month ago

What a valuable addition to the Healers Magazine treasure chest Natalie! 

I was just wondering if you’d agree that scape goats, despite and because of their disadvantages, are especially well-suited to heal bloodlines?

Also, is the quartz #1 because it’s the more sponge-like/porous? Just a shot in the dark.

Last edited 1 month ago by Drake Eisenstein

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