Pandemic Pressure: Fighting Back

September 16, 2020

A painting of a woman kicking a shadow.
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Roadblocks can turn into cornerstones, if you learn to leverage them.

I went to Nashville for a training course back in March but it was terminated earlier due to Covid-19. I rushed to Singapore, where I served a two-week quarantine, hoping to get my work visa would renewed on time, but that didn’t happen. So I then went to Taiwan and served another quarantine, still determined to return to Indonesia.

I’m still in Taiwan…

A twelve-day trip to the USA turned into five months of being away from my home.

It’s going into month six of not being able to return to my current home and work base in Indonesia, after traveling through four countries and serving two quarantines… It’s five months of forced separation from my partner, my cat, and my home studio…

It has been challenging to say the least.

Stress, if not managed, can lead to insomnia, increase cardio-vascular problems, anxiety and depression. It can also kill brain cells and lead to mental disorders and/or memory loss, but there are ways to manage stress that can help you feel better.

Knowing how harmful stress can be in our lives, on our physical and emotional states, I teach my clients about the importance of relaxation and lead hypnosis sessions globally, as well as mindset classes to help people find inner calmness in times of duress.

I have had to practice and live by my own profession’s teaching, walking the talk, as best I can to ensure all the uncertainty and upheaval didn’t disturb my personal health.

I went through all the shock, disappointment, anger, frustration, stress and anxiety during those first months, worsened by uncertainty about when I could return, our business, my work, missing my life back home. I am also human after all. But having experienced high levels of stress in my previous years, having been put on anti-depressants due to such anxiety surrounding my final PhD year, is what brought me to become a hypnotherapist. I now help teach others the mindset tools to survive and overcome depression, anxiety and stress related health issues, so I know I have the tools within me to get through.

So, what do to? I decided to make the best out of the situation. I made sure not to get sick from the stress and keep a positive mindset.

A painting of a woman kicking a shadow.

“Side Kick” by Tracy Ostmann Haschke

At the beginning, I focused on my personal wellness. I resumed my old hobbies: dancing, cycling and hiking, while reconnecting with old friends and family in Taiwan.

Then I still couldn’t go home.

I decided to take some continuing education hypnosis classes in Chinese. This gave me an opportunity to network with new colleagues and build on my skills and experiences.

Then I still couldn’t go home.

I decided to approach colleagues to offer workshops to keep me busy and focused on my passions. This resulted in me leading two workshops in July, and both were very well received by the local audience, so I’m now teaching two more in August!

Then I still couldn’t go home.

Then an education platform invited me to record a series of self-hypnosis audio classes in both Chinese and English. I’ll also have an opportunity to expand the content into an E-book, which I am thrilled to be releasing in the near future.

The crisis forced opportunities in a way I could never have imagined.

Instead of letting the fear and anxiety make me sick with stress, I knew I had to find the positives and maintain a healthy mindset. I had to focus on what would keep me at peace, and that was exercise, movement and well-being; focusing on whichever positive interactions I could, and then continuing to network in my career, as this too brings me much joy—sharing the things I have learnt with others.

Despite the fact that I still can’t go home—and miss my partner, my cat, my life—I have tried to make the best of this situation, and honestly I am grateful with how the roadblock has just been a cornerstone so far.

How can you turn life’s roadblock into cornerstones?

Want to know more about the tools I teach my clients and have practiced myself in order to stay content and healthy?

You don’t have to suffer. Let’s connect. For more helpful resources, follow my page and let’s talk.

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