Daily Prevention through my Self-Care Lifestyle

October 15, 2019

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Prevention is better than curing, or so they say. If I could have prevented all the problems, issues, heartache, illnesses in my life, I would have had such an easy go of it. However, we cannot prevent everything undesirable, because these moments are created for growth, for expanding and recreating.

So where does prevention begin and ends? I believe that a personal self-care ritual or lifestyle is key. If I could have been taught from a little girl, through all ages, to take care of myself, life would have been way different. Why aren’t our children trained in life skills like this, things that matter and assist in creating whole adults? I strongly believe we need a huge reformation in the education system. The old one is run down, broken and exhausted. We need to be pioneers that create a different life for future generations, with all the latest technology. Why isn’t the school system reformed, incorporating life skills, self-care and meditation?

Getting back to a self-care lifestyle I believe that I need to put my body, mind and spirit before all else. Preventing issues in each of these calls for small daily self-care rituals, that have a quotidian impact resulting in long-term positive effects.

An abstract painting with a white streak down the middle.

“Which Side?” by Karla Leopold

My Body

I see it as my abode, my temple where I dwell. How can I best take care of it? Looking from the outside, what rituals do I want or need to honor my temple? The temple needs to keep my spirit for a very long time, so taking care of it is very important if I want to live a long life full of vitality. Small things to consider:

  • What am I allowing inside my temple? What type of food or drink? Does it contain life energy, or does it deplete my temple of essential nutrients?
  • What are small things to consider about the outside of my temple?
  • How do I decorate it? Is it colorful, is it filled with pastel colors, do I decorate it with earthy tones?
  • How do I clean my temple?
  • What is the message my temple sends out to others?
  • How do I keep my temple maintained?
  • Does my temple help others?

Create a picture in your mind of how you would like your temple to look. Be creative. Write it down. Draw a picture and then step out creating that temple day by day. Only you can build it and only you can break it down—the choice is yours!

My Mind

My brain is the creator of my life. Taking care of every thought that I allow to enter is so important. I need to be vigilant as my thoughts create my beliefs and then my actions. Having a sound mind contributes to preventing many issues in life. Self-care rituals include daily time to work with these thoughts—screening them before allowing the negative ones to enter—doing mirror work, meditation, affirmations and being in control of what happens mentally. The moment I let loose, is the moment when negative results are created. I sometimes see my mind as the little rebel child that wants some attention, to do things against the norm, and needs clear boundaries and much love and attention. My mind can be my ally in preventing many dreadful situations, preventing painful words, preventing sad emotions and preventing illnesses. But my mind can also be my enemy creating many of these situations that creates heartache, sadness, depression and illnesses. I need to choose to take control and stay in control, every day of my life. It is not a one-off task, but a daily process of control.

It is time to act, to take back control of your life, and the only way is with your thoughts. See it as a day-by-day process to slowly take back your life. Your thoughts create your life, so change your thoughts to reflect the life you want to have.

My Spirit

My soul is the driver in my life. The driver is supposed to have full control of the car; if not, an accident and/or serious injury is likely. The same happens when I allow my mind to control my vehicle. Allowing the Spirit in me to guide me, to give me wisdom and creative ideas, creates a life that flows much easier. The fullness of All abides in me, and I therefore lack nothing. I have infinite possibilities awaiting me because of the Spirit in me. I must take small steps every day to stay connected, to hear, to obey. Being still and making time daily to connect to the Spirit in me, that is me, creates long-term prevention and the creation of a much happier life with more contentment in life itself.

We all must find a special ritual or lifestyle that will fill us spiritually. Some people find it in science, others in religion, but creating something special where you know and realize that All is in you, that you are God, that revelation lead to a fulfilled life. This gives us hope and purpose to continue every day.

Unfortunately for me I was not trained from a young age to incorporate these personal self-care habits and daily rituals. I had to cure my body, my mind and my spirit. It’s taken years of experiences, emotions, heartache, bitterness, sadness, fear, depression and anxiety to show me that I can heal. I had to realize that I have the cure, within me, within my reach, in my grasp. I decide every day if I am walking in prevention or if I rather would prefer the cure after something already happened. Doing my daily self-care rituals enables me to take charge, take responsibility and step out. Maybe I call it wisdom, maybe I call it age, but I prefer prevention far better than cure. I can step out every day in a very small way and be preventing a life of unhappiness and walk daily, step by step, into my life of happiness, filled with love and joy. It is a choice and only you and I can make it!

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