Clearing Energy Blocks through Breathwork

March 16, 2021

An abstract artwork showing half a woman's face horitozally - the other half beneath the landscape.
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I imagine each individual grain of sand moving between my toes as I walk from my car to the beach where I am meeting my first client of the day. The sun hasn’t even begun to rise and there is a cool breeze off the ocean.

We will be practicing breathwork, but I know that with intense breathing often comes much more. Energetic field work, using tools such as Reiki, is often employed during a session. I recognize that the client is holding energy in specific areas within their spinal column. This often is intuitively gleaned by the way a person sits, stands and walks. Non-verbal cues give an understanding of what general traumas the client may be holding based on the energy center where the block is located.

An abstract artwork showing half a woman's face horitozally - the other half beneath the landscape.

“Resown” by Rachel Derum

I’m aware of the way energy centers within the body store memory from my experience. As I am coaching the client to breathe into the areas, I also call their conscious attention to them by using a tuning fork and placing the vibrating metal on the areas where I can perceive energetic resistance. The energy blocks that the client clears up can trigger past memories. This is an opportunity for the client to re-see the event in their life from a new perspective, from a perspective of forgiveness and love. When we do this, we enable the trauma to release the energy and we achieve a higher overall resonance field.

As healers, we are often inclined to communicate to the clients about the blockages that they may be holding. We need to remember that our projection from our own internal consciousness has an impact on clients’ reality. The client may be best served to know that you found some areas of concern but try not to project possible traumatic experiences that may be at the root. These are for the client to see and understand for themselves.

When we are working with our client’s energetic fields, while holding space or aiding in the clearing of traumas and blockages, consciously focusing on the block itself may delay the process of healing. Focusing on the energy center as healed, as light, as spinning in positive polarity will aid in the release of the client’s blocks. We are the facilitators of the infinite love and light of the Universe to flow through us. Let us be a channel for that love and light and many will be healed through our presence.

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Tiffanie Eilers
Tiffanie Eilers
3 months ago

I love this. I love that its not just energy you use, the breath work, the tuning and allowing the client tune in and take the reins in thier own healing..
Now that is a facilitator! Thank you for your gift!

Crystal De La Cruz
3 months ago

Thanks for sharing. This resonated with me. I also combine multiple modalities to enhance the process of healing and it’s exciting to hear others doing so! Your writing voice a pleasure to read.

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