Awakening through Numbers

March 5, 2020

An abstract piece of artwork, consisting of a wooden background with numbers and diagrams written atop.
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I am about to leave the house and I glance over at the clock on the stove. 11:11 it reads. Seeing these series of synchronistic numbers flashing before me used to get me excited and place me in a state of awe about the world—not anymore! I have become so used to it that it feels like the norm.

It started in 2018, when I was working at an office to make extra money. This is where this strange phenomenon began, and what accelerated my spiritual experience and understanding of the world to a whole new level. During this time, I began to see numbers in sets of three. It started out slowly. At first, I started to see triple fives, a lot. Everywhere I looked: 555, always winking at me, nudging me, always unexpectedly holding an intuitive significance that I couldn’t put my finger on—an inexpiable feeling.

Then I started to see more than just fives. I began to see series of eights, nines, twos, and threes. In a few months’ time, I saw all the numbers in multiples, everywhere: license plates, receipts, signs, cash registers, the time, basically anywhere you would see numbers. Fear overtook me. Am I crazy? Am I actually seeing the numbers or hallucinating them?

As I took to the internet to research my experiences, I found that this experience is referred to, in the spiritual community, as seeing angel numbers, or the universe’s way of giving you guidance through numerically. I spent a lot of time reading blogs, pouring over YouTube, and researching as much as I could find on the topic. I had to figure out exactly what all of this meant. I needed a straight answer. While I had heard of this phenomenon in the past, the experience that I was having was out of the norm. I didn’t see the numbers once in a while. I saw them constantly. It wasn’t a cute little synchronicity from the universe. It was loud, it was bold and it was constant. It completely pervaded my experience. It was honestly scary.

Each piece of material I read seemed to have a different explanation for each number. This always left me confused because I didn’t just see one set of numbers. I saw all kinds of sets, literally about fifty times per day. As I dug deeper trying to figure out why this was happening, I looked towards the world of quantum physics. As I continued to research I stumbled upon a woman named Marina Jacobi. She explains, through channeled information, how we exist in a quantum structure—a hologram much like the “matrix”—and how our consciousness has expanded to a point where we are able to notice or see the structure, or the code, of our position.

An abstract piece of artwork, consisting of a wooden background with numbers and diagrams written atop.

“Hearth” by Greg Jaskot

Everything is made up of a number sequence, which is the equivalent of our emotions and thoughts which we are projecting. Once I heard this explanation it clicked. It was the most believable explanation that I had heard so far and it made sense. I have since been studying Marina’s material daily. Though it is complex, it goes deeper than any other material I have ever found. It provides answers that are proved by quantum physics. While it can at times be hard to wrap my brain around, I know that I can trust it.

It’s now been almost two years since this phenomenon began happening and it still happens to me daily; roughly thirty to fifty times per day, numbers in multiples will reflect themselves in my external reality. It is something, up until now, that I have spoken about to those who are close to me, and it is a normal part of my everyday reality. I feel so much better equipped to handle these types of questions now as it is a regular part of my everyday reality. While this is one experience, and a relatively small story in the process of my spiritual awakening, I believe that it is an important one to share.

As I continued my work as a meditation teacher and Reiki therapist, my clients began to confide in me that they too were starting to see numbers that were multiples, numbers that gave them an intuitive nudge, numbers that they couldn’t explain. Collectively, we are going through an ascension.  We are all having similar experiences. Our consciousness is expanding and with this expansion comes entry to faculties, experiences, and perspectives which we did not previously have access to. I wish to remind everyone of the powerful beings that we really are, and what this earthly experience is all about.

My day-to-day life is lived, fully immersed and in awe of the fact that we are spiritual beings, having a temporary, human experience. If I ever do forget this fact, and fall back into a 3D-programmed way of thinking, I don’t end up staying there long, as the numbers inevitably show up to remind me:

“Don’t forget, this is but a matrix reality, one that you have control over and you can manipulate when you learn how.”

If you are a person who resonates with this experience, or are experiencing any other mind-boggling ascension symptom, I urge you to embrace and research it. Don’t be scared to continue to look deeper into your experience. Lastly, be grateful and excited that we get to be alive at a time when the entire world is waking up. It’s only going to improve from here.

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