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Amatsu: The Ancient Healing Art of the Ninja

May 31, 2018

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Amatsu is an alternative therapy that is a blend of modern research and natural movement, hands-on healing techniques that have been practiced in Japan for thousands of years. It has developed from the Go-Dai meaning “big five”: physical, mental, electrical, chemical and environmental influences. Amatsu teaches that everything in the body is connected and treatment is not just of an individual symptom on its own but also of the way it connects to the other systems of the body. The aim is to restore all five systems to their natural balanced state.

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Amatsu practitioners develop a feeling for how to exert unique pressure on specific soft tissue points. Soft tissue is non-skeletal and includes muscles, tendons, ligaments and organs. Practitioners also use special mobilization techniques to manipulate the whole body. This helps balance other important areas of the body such as the skeleton and energetic structures, particularly the meridian circuits. Thus treatment is holistic and not just symptomatic.

Treatments, or balances as they are often called, are suitable for all irrespective of age or disability. Treatment is said to be effective for a number of problems such as muscle aches, back ache, headache, arthritis and tennis elbow. It also helps the removal of toxins, improves circulation, strengthens the immune and nervous system, improves circulation, stabilizes the skeleton and promotes a feel-good factor.

Amatsu is a modern equivalent of the ancient Japanese healing ideas designed to restore the body’s natural rhythms. The principles used today are essentially the same as those taught by the grandmasters of Togakure ryu ninjutsu.

The ancient ninja, from whom amatsu is derived, developed a method of concentrating the will and energy involving secret finger signs and meditative symbols that could help them enter a trance-like state and adopt the best frame of mind for any particular endeavor. Ninjutsu training involves a process of visualization whose purpose is to increase the student’s awareness. The student visualizes the effects of different attacks and counters, in the safety of the dojo, while learning and absorbing the principles of various body movements. Thus, he develops a kind of sixth sense and is able to predict the outcome of a situation before it ever happens eliminating any element of surprise. There is even an online ninjutsu meditation that is supposed to control your future!

You imagine timelines of light extending from your tantien which weave their way through the matrix of space-time in turn branching into yet more timelines. All of which are future possibilities. You then examine these timelines and draw on the energy of the universe to protect your future and those you love on the preferred timeline.

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