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Ancestral Healing: The Akashic Records

October 6, 2017

A woman sitting on a street with two gus with flowers coming out of them.
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The other day, a past client asked exactly how the Akashic Records could be “cleared”. They were still running a program of doubt in an ancestral hard drive.

What are the Akashic Records, you may be wondering? In this age of technology, I think of it as a hard drive recording every thought, emotion and event that ever occurred during the existence of your soul. As your soul moves through different lives (incarnations)—not just here on the earth but on many planes—all your experiences are recorded in the Akashic Records of your soul.

The Akashic Records are held as energy in the spiritual planes of your energy body and directly affect your energy on a daily basis through your chakras (energy-centres).

A woman sitting on a street with two gus with flowers coming out of them.

“Victoria Road” by Gloria Sánchez

When a thought, emotion or event does not get completely cleared and released, it is like a scratch on that “hard drive” which recreates the event over and over again seeking clearance and release. We refer to the “scratches” as Discordant Imprints and they create sabotaging programs or patterns within the subconscious. Since energy attracts the same energy, this is why we usually attract (like a magnet) the same type of people or situations over and over again and wonder why…

Ancestral healing is an amazing system, which uses special charts and a crystal pendulum to research what block, energies and programs are holding you from reaching your full potential. We work with clients around the world by linking in with the their higher consciousness.

After ancestral healing, circumstances will arise that give you opportunities to embrace certain experience with awareness and Love, breaking former habits. This “rerun” of past challenges that is common to all present upon this earth is usually referred to as one’s Karma and serves the purpose of progress toward Love and unity.

Working with the client’s higher consciousness (High Self) I research the storyboard that initiated the Discordant Imprint in the first place. Then, I clear and release those frequencies to prevent the program or patterns from further interfering in the client’s life.

I recently worked with an 8-year-old who had been very rude and difficult both at home and at school. Her mother was desperate to seek a solution to this ongoing problem, as she was totally stressed dealing with her daughter’s bad behaviour, coping with constant calls from the school, whilst working full time, running a home and being a single mother.

Ancestral healing revealed an earth-bound soul (which I call a Discarnate) was attached to the child causing a lot of problems and unhappiness. Upon further research, during the ancestral healing, I discovered blocks to the child having 100 percent understanding, sincerity, perseverance, accepting, courage, enthusiasm, consideration and gentleness. These blocks had been inherited from the child’s paternal ancestors.

Upon completion of the ancestral healing, the mum observed the change in the child. As ancestral healing clears the client’s Akashic Records, it opened the child fully to being more understanding, sincere, persevering, accepting, courageous, enthusiastic, considerate and gentle.

The child changed schools and the relationship between mum and child shifted to a new and more positive level. The mother expressed her child’s change as “unbelievable!”

The role of an ancestral healing is to provide an overview of the current karmic scenario for a soul to understand why they are meeting specific challenges in life (where they originated from) and to facilitate the process of resolving such memories step by step.

Once a soul has completely resolved a memory back to Love, the process of clearing the related old energy from the chakra (or chakras) commences and after some time (usually some weeks), the path is cleared for this soul to experience life free from the previous challenges that arise from the karmic memory.

Major life changes are not uncommon as the “upgraded” chakra-system directly affects one’s perception of reality and ability to receive energies (such as Divine Grace) from the universe and energy from other souls.

After a session, some clients discover that circumstances arise where they are tested again (to meet past unresolved experiences again) in their physical day-to-day life so they can truly act from an open heart and see with their own eyes what happens when one chooses Love in the face of challenging experiences.

This way a soul will feel deeply in their heart the power of Love, and the trust to follow one’s heart will expand.

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what is the price of the healing cost ?

Heather Prince
Heather Prince

Hi Gina

An Ancestral Healing therapy is £197.

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